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Let's Go Not Now Patch 1.3.0

On 11/5/2018

God Roll Finder New

God Roll Finder

  • Added a new tool called the "God Roll Finder" that allows you to specify a set of perks you'd like to see and then view all of the items that are capable of rolling with those perks.
    • Currently only works with weapons, but this logic can be expanded to armor, ghost shells, ships, sparrows, and so on later if people enjoy the feature.

Item Database

Item Tooltips

  • All item tooltips across the site now appear in a more consistent location on small screens (mobile, etc)

Database & Filters

  • A bug where the armor slot filter would either fail or show the next slot down has been fixed
  • Added a filter for Damage Type. Should show up any time your search criteria is comprised entirely of weapons.
  • Added filters to power the God Roll finder (see above)
    • When using this filter, your item list will show which column the selected perk(s) can be found in. This is so you can tell the difference between items that can roll those perks at the same time and those that cannot.

Item Detail Pages

  • All legendary weapons that can be masterworked will now show the possible stats that masterworking them will grant a bonus to
    • Take these with a grain of salt -- the API files say that every weapon can roll with every type of stat, but auto rifles obviously aren't going to roll with Velocity.
    • I'm filtering the list to only show masterworks for stats that the weapon itself has. It's possible that even beyond that, Bungie further restricts certain items behind the scenes so that they can't actually roll with reload speed, impact, and so on.
    • Moral of the story is that this functionality is in place now and when Bungie hopefully modifies the list of masterwork possibilities in the future to be 100% accurate for each weapon, this ought to cover that without me having to do anything additional. In the meantime, don't flame anyone because they try to say something can or can't masterwork with a stat.
  • After a year, I've finally realized that not all of the stats included on items from the Bungie API are immediately ready for display. No, Bad Omens does not have a magazine size of 20 and 60 RPM. These stats should more accurately reflect what you see in game now.
  • Fixed a bug where if a perk was the default perk in a column on a curated roll, it would not be displayed as one of the random perk options. Now, if an item has a perk in its curated roll and in its random perk pool, it will show in both places.
  • As a result of that bug being fixed, I'm now more confident separating out the two types of rolls. Curated rolls and Random rolls now show separately on the item detail page. I also added a little FAQ link above each roll to hopefully grant some clarity.
  • Bows should now show their Draw Speed and Accuracy stats
  • Fixed a bug where class items were not properly showing their first column of random perks
  • The kill tracker perk column has been universally hidden as it's mostly meaningless.
  • Elevated the Lore tab into its own chunk on the page. Felt like the lore tab on item pages often got overlooked, so I'm trying to give it some more attention.
    • These can be lengthy sometimes, so click the double-up arrows to collapse that down if you're more interested in the stuff below it



  • You can now pin pursuits that you want to focus on so that they always sort to the top of the list by clicking on the Crosshairs icon in the upper left corner of any pursuit.
    • Your pinned pursuits are saved and should jump back to the top of the list any time you return to the Director
    • Pinning a pursuit pins it across all of your characters so that as you swap between characters the stuff you care about is already at the top
    • This is stored on a browser-by-browser basis for now, so if you pin pursuits on your desktop and then swap to your phone or tablet, you'll need to pin them again.
    • I considered storing the information on the server, but w/ the passing nature of bounties & milestones, it seems like this is the best approach for now.
  • The Filter textbox now allows you to filter by the Vendor that issues the pursuit or the rewards it grants
    • For example, typing in "petra" will show all Dreaming City bounties your current character has
    • Typing in "powerful" will show all pursuits you currently have that grant powerful rewards
  • You can now track your Exotic Masterwork Catalysts on the Director
  • The UI should now respond more gracefully when swapping between platforms
  • The UI will now only show seconds if there's less than a minute remaining on the pursuit. This should help both responsiveness as well as keeping the countdowns from jumping all over the place on your 2nd monitor.
  • Fixed some visibility issues in Dark Mode



  • Fixed a bunch of issues w/ icons not rendering properly
  • Fixed a bunch of formatting issues

Collection Manager & Leaderboards


  • All trackers now have the ability to hide Year 1 gear as the majority of scoring is now focused on Year 2 items. Click the "Hide Year 1?" checkbox at the top of any tracker to hide those items.
  • Max Power has been removed as a subgoal from most trackers. Only the Exotics tracker now asks you to raise your Exotics to max power. Read about the Masterwork core economy below as similar logic lead me to changing this subgoal as well.


  • Triumphs have been added as a goal to several trackers:
    • Last Wish
    • The Reef
    • Gambit
    • Vanguard
    • Crucible
    • Iron Banner
  • Triumph scoring is broken down into tiers:
Name Which Triumphs
Basic Triumphs worth 1-50 points
Common Triumphs worth 51-100 points
Rare Triumphs worth 101-199 points
Legendary Triumphs worth 200-499 points
Exotic Triumphs worth 500+ points
  • Each tracker will grant different point values to these tiers depending on the time investment for each.


  • Until the Masterwork Core economy is revamped, no tracker or achievement will force you to masterwork an item to gain points. With the limited number of cores available, even requiring you raise items to Max Power is a pretty big ask. I will reevaluate this stance should Bungie make significant improvements in the core economy.
  • Similarly, the Masterwork tracker will be archived until it doesn't seem like a cruel joke.


  • Vanguard/Crucible has been split into two separate trackers so that the goals of either don't hinder you from completing the other

New Trackers

  • The following trackers have been added:
    • Last Wish
    • The Reef
    • Gambit
    • Lore

Updated Trackers

  • The Exotic Gear, Iron Banner, and Emblems trackers have been updated for Season 4.
  • The Emblems tracker will now grant you credit for all variants even for emblems you do not currently have printed out, in inventory on your characters.
  • The Iron Banner tracker is decidedly tiny at the moment. I considered just merging it with the Crucible tracker, but I think for now I'm just going to leave it. Reworking the whole structure for this one season when we will almost certainly have ornaments to grind for in future seasons doesn't make a ton of sense. Trying to track 30 ornaments on the Crucible screen doesn't sound pleasant, so I'm find with this one just being a tiny tracker for the time being. I will likely focus on adding some achievements worth points to this tracker to beef it up once the Achievement system gets its update.
    • Also, IB's triumph scoring is amped up higher than most of the other trackers' as its triumphs are particularly large time sinks. 100 wins? Good luck

Archived Trackers

  • Several trackers from Season 3 have been archived.
  • Archived trackers will still display at the bottom of the left menu for collection tracking purposes. Some will likely return later in Season 4 or in Season 5, while others are likely retired for good.
  • The following trackers have been archived:
    • Masterworks
    • Solstice of Heroes
    • Mars
    • The Leviathan
    • Checklists
  • The following trackers have been archived, but may return later in Season 4:
    • Foundries
      • Should Armsweek ever actually launch (potentially with Black Armory in Season 5 though), this tracker will likely return
    • Trials of the Nine
      • On hiatus as long as the event is.
    • Faction Rallies
      • Also on hiatus along with the event.


  • Achievements for Season 4 are still a work in progress and will be reintroduced at a later date. Coding achievements is fairly time consuming, and I didn't want to hold up the rest of the Season 4 changes any longer waiting for me to finish that process. I definitely want to get them back in there, hopefully in the next week or so.


Dark Mode

  • Added some blue to the background color in dark mode to make the contrast between it and the text a little less drastic