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Let's Go Not Now Patch 1.4

On 11/26/2018


  • Leaderboard
    • Season 4 ends at 12 PM Eastern 11/27. Season 5 starting immediately after w/ same rules & scoring.
  • God Roll Finder
    • Can now search armor
    • Can now do more complicated searches (like requiring all perks be available at the same time)
    • Now shows matches live as you update your criteria, without having to jump to the database
    • Now shows items in your inventory you already own that match your criteria
    • Now allows you to save your favorite sets of perks
  • Item Lists
    • Advanced Search added. Allows you to filter by a lot of things you previously couldn't
      • Equipment Stats
      • See below for full list
    • By request, new filter added to include perks that can roll on items in the result.
      • Allows you to create a search for a set of items then see what perks are capable of rolling on them in the same result
  • API History Tracking
    • Added more detailed change tracking for various API entities, such as Legend Entries, Triumphs, Collectibles, and Vendors.
  • Item Detail Pages
    • Added a new "Version History" section to the sidebar
    • Added "Randomly Rolls On" tab at the bottom to show items perks can roll on


  • Season 4 ends at 12 PM Eastern 11/27. There will be no Preseason 5. We are going straight into Season 5 with the same scoring and rules as with Season 4.
  • Should any bugs with scoring be found resulting from Season 4 rules not playing nicely w/ Season 5 data, those scoring entries will be removed once the fix has been deployed.

God Roll Finder

  • Now allows you to organize the perks you want to look for into groups. This allows you to say things like "Show me all hand cannons that have either Outlaw or Drop Mag AND have either Dragonfly, Rampage, or Kill Clip".
    • The previous version just showed all items where those perks were present in more or less any capacity.
    • This new version will only return items where at least one perk from each group is present on the item
    • Click the "+ Add New Group" link to create a new group, then you can drag and drop perks between groups (or the perk list below) to build your search criteria.
      • Alternatively, you can add all of the perks you want to one group, and then click "Require All Perks" to split them all into separate groups.
    • You can have a maximum of 5 groups at a time
  • Now allows you to search for armor, too!
    • Select Gear Type at the top, then Armor, then choose any combination of class and slot you'd like to search by.
  • Now allows you to save your favorite sets of perks
    • Click the Favorite button at the top of the Possible Rolls pane after selecting your perks to save a set of perks as your favorite.
    • Click the same button again to remove the favorite
    • You can load favorites by clicking the Favorites chunk on the "Select Your Perks" screen and then clicking on the set of perks you want to load up.
    • Favorites are currently stored on a device-by-device basis. If this feature is popular and people want it, I will look into storing this on the server so that your favorites will kick in regardless of what device you sign in from.
  • When selecting perks using the Name filter, if the filtered list of perks only has one result, you can press Enter/Return to add it to your most recently created group.
    • This adds some pretty cool shortcuts. When looking at weapons, you can get to some commonly used perks quickly by typing any of these and hitting enter:
      • outl
      • ramp
      • kill
      • drag
      • drop
  • Perks from curated rolls will now only display if the curated roll would match your entire search on its own
  • Fixed an issue where intrinsics (such as weapon frames) would not properly register on random rolls

Item Database

Item Lists

  • Advanced Search has been added. This adds a few new filters but mostly creates UI elements for filters that have been around for a while so that you guys can use them directly instead of having to be linked to them.
  • New Filters:
Filter Description
Equipment Stats Allows you to filter items by their stat values. Mostly useful for weapons, but there are some stats in there for things like Sparrows which I've left in in case anyone is curious. Pick a stat, the operation you want to use for comparison (such as greater than, less than, etc), and the value you want to search by. You can add up to 5 stat criteria per search.
Item Types Text-based search for items of a certain type (such as Hand Cannon, Transmat Effect, or Consumable). This should let you narrow down lists that the old type selector doesn't cover
Item API IDs Direct search for items by their API ID
Added to API on Finds all items that were first detected in the API on a given date
Changed in API on Finds all items that were updated in the API on a given date
Weapon Foundry Finds all weapons that have the given foundry's branding in the upper-left when inspected in-game
Associated Vendor Finds all items that are either sold by, rewarded by, or accepted by a given vendor
Collectible Source Hint Finds all items with the given string in their collectible source hint. For example, this shows all items whose source includes "Nightfall"
Has Lore? Finds items based on whether or not they have lore. Include will show items with or without, Exclude will show only items without, and Require will only show items with.
Is Equippable? Finds items based on whether or not the API reports that they can be equipped. Include/Exclude/Require have the same meaning as with Has Lore?
Include Perks That Can Roll on Items Checking this box will filter all other filters, and then add to the list any perks that can roll on those items. This allows you to build a list of items you're interested in, check the box, and then see the perks that can roll on them.
Raw Filter Expression Some filters (such as the ones that power the God Roll Finder) still aren't handled by the Advanced Search screen. Those will show here. I also plan on eventually creating a page describing each filter and its syntax. Once you have that info, you'll be able to enter filter expressions here directly without having to necessarily click through the UI.
  • This gives me a more robust framework to add new filters that people might find useful. Give me a shout on the Discord Server or on Twitter (links in the header and footer of this page) if you have any ideas for filters that could help you or the community!
  • Fixed an issue where the multi-select filter boxes didn't work on Android.

Item Detail Pages (i.e. Bygones)

  • Added a new section to the sidebar that shows the item's history of changes through the API.
    • See the "API History Tracking" section below for more details
  • Made some changes to item detail pages for perks (ie Outlaw):
    • The "Plugs Into" tab has been renamed "Curated Roll On". Items that the perk is present on as part of a curated roll will show here
    • Added a "Randomly Rolls On" tab. Items that the perk is present on as part of a random roll will show here
  • Fixed an issue where item reviews were often formatted poorly

API History Tracking

  • As new API versions are released from Bungie, more detailed change tracking will be maintained and visible here.
  • Tracking has been established as far back as the launch of Forsaken
  • For now, the following entity types are tracked:
    • Legend Entries
    • Triumphs
    • Collectibles
    • Vendors
    • Items
    • Activities*
    • Objectives*
  • Drilling down into any version of the API (called a "Manifest") will show lists of the entities above along with what happened to them (were they added, changed, or deleted).
  • Clicking on the Compare or History link next to any of those entities will show a raw view of what changed in the API to register a new version
    • From here, there are some keyboard shortcuts:
      • Pressing left or right arrow will navigate to the previous or next overall change detected. This could result in changing entity types, manifests, or both.
      • Pressing A or D will navigate to the previous or next change for the current entity, if one exists.
    • I hope to eventually beef this up to be more legible to the untrained eye. However, a lot of the basic stuff in there (such as an item being renamed or something being declassified, making it visible in the API) is pretty easy to intuit, so I'm going ahead and making this visible too even though it might be tough to use for the average Joe for now.
    • Some of the raw data in the API is ignored when calculating whether or not to register a new version. There are a lot of nodes in the API (especially for items) that change literally every time they release a new API file, such as icon URLs -- even though the source image hasn't actually changed. There's also just a lot of junk in there that's not particularly relevant. I doubt anyone will notice or care, but I wanted to document that it's happening in case someone does and wonders wtf's going on.

* These entity types don't have friendly display pages for now, but I'm tracking them because they're fairly important as far as detecting when new stuff comes out or when important goal requirements change for things such as triumphs, ornaments, etc. If people dig this feature, I may add proper display pages for them in the future.

Collection Manager


  • Eva's Journey book has been added to the Lore Tracker and is worth 30 total points.


  • Several trackers will likely automatically pull in all new Season 5 items. I will do another pass in the coming days to edit down the lists, include things the current criteria miss, and update point values.


  • The header navigation should behave more consistently on devices where hovering isn't sufficient (mobile, tablets, etc)