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Let's Go Not Now Patch 1.4.7 - Initial Opulence Updates

On 6/4/2019


Code Base

  • This update has a ton of codebase changes. I made some bad architecture decisions when this project was much smaller in scope that were making it difficult/impossible to take on some of the larger, bolder ideas I'd like to bring to life on the site.
  • I've fixed the majority of those issues. However, despite the absurd amount of testing I've done, it's always possible that moving stuff around has broken something that I haven't noticed.
  • If you notice something isn't working the way it used to (especially around the Collection Manager / Leaderboards), please let me know on Discord so that I can look into if it's on purpose or possibly a bug from this cleanup process.

Dark Mode

  • A bug that made it so you'd often get swapped in or out of dark mode when you didn't want to should now be fixed.


Trending & Rising Items

This feature is having some issues in production - will be added back ASAP

  • A list of items that are trending/rising has been added to the homepage
    • Trending items are the 5 most popular items over the past 7 days
    • Rising items are the 5 items that are fastest approaching Trending, also across the past 7 days
  • Highest Rated PVE/P items have been modified to only show items that have received reviews in the past 30 days

Item Database

DB Homepage

  • Updated w/ general categories for Season of Opulence. These filters are guesses until we can see what's actually in the API and will be updated appropriately as more becomes visible from Bungie.

Item Display

  • You can now preview what items look like in 3D.
    • Click "View in 3D" on any item page that presents it to open the preview. Check out The Recluse for example.
    • You can use the arrow and plus/minus buttons to adjust the display
    • On mobile, the typical pinch to zoom, swipe to rotate functionality should work. Use the arrows in the upper right to pan.
    • Items with ornaments should show them as an option when previewing. Simply click them to preview what they look like without having to find them in the database. Check out Outbreak Perfected for example.
    • This feature utilizes a library built by lowlines (go give him some love) to provide a basic 3D rendering of most equippable items in the game, such as:
      • Weapons
      • Armor
      • Ships
      • Sparrows
      • Ghost Shells
    • This feature is definitely still a little rough around the edges (Anarchy is pretty funny to look at), but it works for the vast majority of items, so I wanted to get it out there.
  • Items that are rewarded from completing a triumph (such as The Wizened Rebuke (Random Roll Version)) will now link to that triumph in the "Reward From" section at the bottom of the page.
  • You can directly link to a 3D preview by clicking "View in 3D" and then copying the URL from your browser's address bar
    • Alternatively, just add /3D to the end of any equippable item.


  • Profiles of users that are not members should now display far more information (and much faster)
  • The estimated score for members should be far more accurate.


  • Triumphs that reward items should now show that throughout the Legend

Collection Manager


  • An initial tracker for new Season of Opulence items has been added.
  • This will obviously need to be cleaned up once I get a better look at what items are actually added, but I wanted to get a starting point out there for folks to quickly be able to tell what's being added w/ the content drop.
  • Some items that show up on this tracker will eventually be broken out into other trackers where it makes sense to do so, such as:
    • Pinnacle Weapons
    • Iron Banner gear
    • Raid gear
    • Emblems
    • and so on
  • Scoring will be added to this tracker once I'm confident I've got everything broken out the way it should be.


  • Max Power has been removed as a subgoal for the Exotics tracker.
  • Raising current Year exotics to max power is no longer worth points.


  • The progress circle in the upper left will now round down - seeing people at 100% when they're at 99.99999% annoys me :)
  • Several items/triumphs that are no longer obtainable are consequently no longer worth points:
    • S6 Crucible Emblem "Rain of Ashes"
    • S6 Vanguard Emblem "Determination"
    • S6 Gambit Emblem "Viper Strike"
    • IB Triumph "Now You're Just Showing Off"
    • IB Triumph "Atlas, Unbound"
    • IB Emblem "Heavy as Death"
    • Revelry Emblem "Simulant Spring"
    • Revelry Emblem "Virescent"
    • Revelry emblem "Answered Call"



  • Tiers have been restructured and an additional tier, Master, has been added.
    • As a reminder, your leaderboard tier (such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, etc) is based on how far your score is above or below the average score for that leaderboard.
    • Tiers have been reworked such that roughly the following percentages of the population should fall into them:
      • Bronze: 30%
      • Silver: 25%
      • Gold: 20%
      • Platinum: 15%
      • Diamond: 7.5%
      • Master (New Tier): 2.5%
    • The goals with reworking these are to:
      1. Provide a greater spread across the entire distribution, as the previous was too strict on the low end and too generous on the high end
      2. Make the high-end tier feel more "elite"
  • Users who have hidden their activity history on will no longer be allowed to participate in the Leaderboards
    • Inspecting activity histories for suspicious behavior is one of the few ways of ensuring the integrity of the leaderboards, and several people have caught wise to the fact that you can just hide your history on
    • Consequently, I'm making it so if you want to be able to say "I'm #1! Look at me", you've got to be willing to let people take a look at your activity history and see how you went about it.
  • While your activity history is hidden, you will not appear on any leaderboards.
  • However, your progress will continue to be tracked. As soon as your privacy settings are open again, you should hop to where you belong on the leaderboard.
  • You can manage your privacy settings from this page
    • You must have the "Show my Destiny game Activity Feed on" option checked to participate in leaderboards
    • We also recommend checking "Show my non-equipped Inventory" and "Show my Progression (what I've completed in Destiny, and my current status)", but they are not required.


  • A leaderboard has been created for Opulence, but as of now no points can be earned. This will be updated in a patch shortly after the content drop.


On the topic of last season's drama around the "Heavy as Death" emblem and how some people obtained it, I want to make it clear that my primary concern with the leaderboard is making sure I am not making people feel like they have to use means outside of what is provided by Bungie within the game/client to earn items in order to compete. Paying for "recoveries" and DDOSing people are the main things I am concerned with keeping off my leaderboard. The changes detailed above requiring activity history be visible are another step to ensure that the tools I have available to me to detect these things can continue to do their job of removing this unwanted behavior from the leaderboard.

While getting a group of 12 people to all switch their launcher to the Asia server so that 2 people per game can farm kills is definitely not in the true spirit of the triumph in question, it is technically something anyone can do without having to spend real dollars to accomplish. There's nothing stopping me from posting a thread on r/fireteams, any LFG Discord server, or even the Bungie app's fireteam function asking for 11 other people willing to do the same thing. What these guys did really isn't any different than what many of us (myself included) did in Warmind in order to get 9 people all in the same instance to do Escalation Protocol.

At the end of the day, my primary concern is making sure that people do not feel they have to spend real dollars or actively attack the fun of other players to be able to compete on my leaderboard. Beyond that, I leave the moral judgments of which methods are right and wrong for people to use up to the community.

Also, as a reminder, harassing people (regardless of whether you feel you have the moral high ground) is never OK and will result in your account being banned. Be decent to each other. It's pretty straightforward.

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