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Let's Go Not Now Patch 1.5.0 - Initial Shadowkeep Changes

On 10/3/2019

Oct 4 Updates


  • Fixed a bug preventing several legend pages from loading

Item Search Results

  • Armor that is not from Season 8 that was recreated with Armor 2.0 will now show under the season it was initially added, even though there technically was a new item added in Season 8.
    • This cleans up the majority of the "New in Season 8" pages that include armor.

Item Detail Pages


  • Armor items will now show whether they are Armor 1.0 or 2.0 in the Details block on the right.
  • If an item has both an Armor 1.0 and 2.0 version, there will be a link to jump back and forth between them in the Details block on the right
  • Armor 2.0 items will include the Version History of their Armor 1.0 equivalent in the version history change list.


  • Lots of database enhancements to catch up to the Shadowkeep changes around mods and stats.

Item Search Results

  • Added a new filter for "Breaker Type"
    • Shadowkeep adds Champion level mobs with additional strengths (such as shields, being unstaggerable, etc) as well as weapons that counter these strengths. This filter allows you to find those weapons
    • This search will show you all items with Breaker attributes
    • You'll notice that some weapons inherently have Breaker attributes, while others can gain it via Artifact mods.
  • Weapons that have Breaker attributes will show them on all searches, regardless of whether or not you were filtering by them
  • In search results that contain nothing but mods (such as this one), the energy required to socket that mod and the energy cost will be displayed.

Item Hovers

  • Hovering over any mod will show its energy type and cost, if appropriate.

Item Detail Pages

  • All
    • All item detail pages will now collapse long lists of mods/perks. Click the Expand All button above or the double down arrow in a given column to expand them back out.
      • Armor 2.0 made some of these lists comically long. This was already a problem with things like Ghost Shells / Projections, so I finally bit the bullet and cleaned it up.
  • Weapons Eriana's Vow for example
    • Weapons now show more detail with respect to what the Recoil Direction stat means.
    • Weapons with Breaker attributes will now list that attribute with a description of what it does in the Details box on the right
  • Armor Stormdancer's Brace for example
    • Now properly shows possible mods from the new Armor 2.0 system
    • Now shows what guardian stats the armor grants since that's once again a thing (welcome back, Intellect!)
  • Mods Enhanced Unflinching Bow Aim for example
    • Mods will now show their energy type and cost
    • Mods will now show in the Details box whether or not they stack with similar effects