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Let's Go Not Now Patch 1.5.1 - Season of the Undying changes

On 10/13/2019


  • Leaderboard Season 8 has begun.
    • A leaderboard has been added for Season of the Undying.
    • Several leaderboards have been temporarily retired. Read below for details.
  • Several login issues resulting from Cross Play / PC Migration should now be fixed
  • Collection Manager has been updated for Season of the Undying, with new items being organized properly
  • A new tool to track your progress through the Season Pass has been added



  • Season 8 has begun with the following leaderboards:
    • Undying (new)
    • Raids (renamed from Y2 Raids)
    • Lore
    • Exotics
    • Iron Banner
    • Emblems
  • You may be wondering why so few. The truth of the matter is that Shadowkeep added far fewer items/triumphs than Forsaken, making leaderboards such as Gambit/Vanguard/Crucible fairly pointless. If there's nothing to collect, there's nothing to compete over. The pinnacle weapons for each of those leaderboards can be found under the Undying tracker. If a vendor refresh ever actually happens, I will look at adding them back as leaderboards.

Collection Manager


  • Trackers have all been updated w/ Season of the Undying items
  • The default on all trackers is now to show items from all years. Click the "Hide Previous Years?" icon at the top of the page to, well, hide stuff from the previous years.

Y2 Raids

  • Updated to just be the "Raids" tracker.
  • Added Vault of Grass items, as well as Y1 items


  • Now also has a "Hide Previous Years" checkbox

NEW: Season Pass Tracker

  • Simple tool to track your progress through the Season Pass
  • Shows your current rate of XP gain since the expansion launched
    • This value is used to determine your "Estimated Completion", assuming your rate stays the same.
    • If your estimated completion is after 1/1/2020, there's a chance you might not finish your Season Pass in time, so hurry up!
  • Clicking "Hide Claimed" will hide the items you've actually picked up from your season pass (indicated by a full checkmark circle)
  • Clicking "Hide Earned" will hide the items you've earned, regardless of whether you've picked them up or not (indicated by either checkmark circle)

God Roll Finder

  • Now works with Machine Guns. Better late than never?


  • Most of the places where Steam users were running into trouble should now be fixed. If you find anywhere that your platform isn't indicated clearly or if you have trouble logging in, please let me know on Discord
  • In another installment of my eternal battle with the Dark Mode toggle misbehaving, I have once again attempted to get rid of the weird "briefly in light mode before it switches to dark" bug.