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Applied Physics
Defeat combatants on Io with abilities to study the Light's effects on creatures beneath a Pyramid.
Auto Rifle Tuning
Defeat combatants on Mercury with Auto Rifles. Precision final blows grant the most efficient progress.
Centrifugal Chamber
Defeat combatants on Io using Hand Cannons. Precision shots grant the most efficient progress.
Data Points
Defeat Taken and Vex on Io to gather their data.
Elemental Arsenal
Defeat combatants with Energy weapons on Titan.
Execution Protocol
Defeat Hive, and use finishers on Mars to combat increased hostile activity.
Field Assignments
Complete patrols on Io and defeat combatants in the Wraith Mines or Terrabase Charon.
Flames of Mercury
Defeat combatants on Mercury using Solar abilities.
Hit 'Em High
Defeat combatants on Titan with precision shots.
Hive Scavengers
Complete patrols and defeat Hive in Tidal Anchor and Sinking Docks to stop them from stealing Golden Age tech.
Killing Clean
Defeat combatants on Mercury with precision final blows.
Lab Equipment
Defeat combatants on Io using Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons.
Lighten the Load
Defeat bosses on Mercury to solidify this reality.
Martian Melee
Defeat Thrall and other combatants on Mars using melee abilities.
Mercurial Crescendo
Defeat Minotaurs or Hydras, and use finishers on combatants on Mercury.
Ordinance Imperative
Defeat combatants on Mars using Grenade Launchers or Rocket Launchers. Rapidly defeating combatants grants the most efficient...
Potluck: Io
Complete public events on Io to gather data for Asher.
Priority Engagements
Defeat bosses on Mars to check for broken Rasputin components.
Scout Marksman
Defeat combatants on Titan using Scout Rifles. Precision shots grant the most efficient progress.
Spelunker: Io
Complete Io's Lost Sectors to assess the depth of the Pyramid's corruption.
Spelunker: Mars
Complete a patrol and explore the Mars Lost Sectors: Core Terminus and Ma'adim Subterrane.
Spelunker: Mercury
Complete patrols and explore the Mercury Lost Sector: Pariah's Refuge.
Spelunking: Titan
Complete all Lost Sectors on Titan: Methane Flush, Cargo Bay 3, and DS Quarters-2.
Stormy Seas
Defeat hostiles on Titan using Arc abilities.
Strike Team: Io
Complete a strike on Io and defeat combatants on Io to study the Pyramid's influence.
Strike Team: Mars
Complete a strike on Mars and defeat combatants anywhere on Mars.
Strike Team: Mercury
Complete a strike on Mercury and defeat combatants anywhere on Mercury.
Strike Team: Titan
Complete a strike on Titan and defeat Hive on Titan.
Tundra Trekker
Defeat combatants in Mindlab: Rasputin, Alton Dynamo, or Hellas View on Mars.
Unplanned Obsolescence
Defeat Vex on Mercury to aid Brother Vance.
Void on the Red Planet
Defeat combatants on Mars using Void abilities.