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"You are not welcome."
Suffering to the conquered.
What's the scariest part of a firefight? The whole damn thing.
Steelfeather Repeater
There is strength in delicate things.
The Old Fashioned
This is the way things were.
Patron of Lost Causes
There is a rough engraving on its side: "In Memoriam."
Tears of Contrition
Message transmission successful // Message deleted without opening // Resen...
Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun
"What am I supposed to put here? 'It's a gun. Kill bad guys with it.'" —Sur...
It has been melted and reforged many times.
Circle 'round, great harbinger of death.
Cold Front
Sweep in like a force of nature. Leave destruction in your wake.
Uriel's Gift
Take weapon in hand and fly to victory.
Point of the Stag
Gore befalls those who do not respect the hart.
Elatha FR4
The sun shines on both joy and grief.
Gallant Charge
There is a brief moment, before the clash, that lives between fear and cert...
Nezarec's Whisper
"Rise, Disciple, and bear this gift with pride." —Rhulk, Disciple of the Wi...
Martyr's Retribution
That which returns from the void will always seek revenge.
"If they let you get that close, they deserve it." —The Drifter
Without Remorse
"No regrets."
Trophy Hunter
"I serve this broken Empire no longer." —Tazaroc
Never forget.
Hollow Denial
"Never forget what is taken from you."
I await the perfect moment and watch my enemies decay.
Line in the Sand
No farther.
Bump in the Night
"If you hear a noise in the dark, shoot first." —Centurion Tuk'rin
Mos Epoch III
The perpetual eventually gives way to the variable.
Pyroclastic Flow
There is no minimum safe distance.
Apotheosis Veil
Most helmets protect the mind from the universe. Not this one.
Astrocyte Verse
The ideocosm contained within this helm transforms the wearer's head from f...
The Stag
Only bones for your feast. Only death for my victory.
Claws of Ahamkara
The mind is malleable, filled with transient and fleeting ideas. Let us sha...
BrayTech Sn0Helm
Great for avoiding a brain freeze.
Dreambane Helm
"And lastly, a shroud of dreams, so that you might see these nightmares wit...
Exodus Down Helm
"I used some of my own code to program this armor! But if you die, it's you...
Exodus Down Helm
"I used some of my own code to program this armor! But if you die, it's you...
Gensym Knight Helm
"I have no use for mawkish sentimentality. What I do need is an assistant w...
Insight Unyielding Helm
When your enemies behold your power, let them know fear. Turn your gaze to ...
Kairos Function Helm
"Future War Cult has an artifact they call 'The Device' which may be Vex in...
Lost Pacific Helm
"I need more data. And… put the lab on yellow alert." —Dr. Shanice Pell
Phobos Warden Helm
"I'm fine. Begin the transmission." —Commander Zavala
Reverie Dawn Helm
"I've learned not to be ashamed of the fear. It's to be expected, given wha...
Scatterhorn Helm
"Since the Scatter, nowhere in the Reef felt like home. Before I knew it, I...
Terra Concord Helm
"The shining halls of peace have been torn down and turned into the battere...
Wildwood Helm
"I love the City. But I don't want to go back. I want to bring the City to ...
BrayTech Thermal Grips
"You think this is cold? You have no idea."
Dreambane Gauntlets
"Their curses are now your charms. Hold such hatreds close, for they reveal...
Exodus Down Gauntlets
"Captain, the orbit of 7066 Nessus is different from what Cosmodrome calcul...
Exodus Down Gauntlets
"Captain, the orbit of 7066 Nessus is different from what Cosmodrome calcul...
Gensym Knight Gauntlets
"Gensym Armor. Let's hope it does you more good than it did me." —Asher Mir
Insight Unyielding Gauntlets
Are you the immovable force, or the unstoppable object?