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Nameless Midnight
Strange things wake at the stroke of twelve.
Song of Justice VI
"Justice must be true, swift, and utterly impartial." —Executor Hideo
The Guiding Sight
Forged in honor of Efrideet, and all that inspires.
Defend that which is precious to you.
Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun
"What am I supposed to put here? 'It's a gun. Kill bad guys with it.'" —Suraya Hawthorne
Make yourself dreadful to your enemies and indispensable to your allies.
Controlling Vision
"Once you see how the balance is tipped against us—once you see doom coming, inexorable and cold—the...
Enigma's Draw
"Indeed, I traffic in all kinds of secrets and mysteries. Weapons, as well." —Lakshmi-2
Minimum Distance
All I need is a little breathing room.
Alone as a god
I am the perfect loving god, and all will tremble to know me.
Shepherd's Watch
Nobody talks about the day the Shepherd's staff became the Shepherd's rifle.
"Hesitation kills." —Emissary of the Nine
They look to you to save them.
Escape Velocity
"The first step toward truth is to let go of all that we know and hold dear." —Arach Jalaal
The Showrunner
Once you have one, you'll wonder how you ever did without.
SUROS invites you to kick up your heels.
Jiangshi AR4
You can't outrun the dead.
Martyr's Make
Remember those who have gone before.
It was a long time coming. But it wasn't the wait. It was the journey.
"All this in service of one purpose. You have their attention. Let us see if you can keep it." —Emis...
Restoration VIII
"We need proper tools if we are to rebuild." —Executor Hideo
Solemn Hymn
Stand together and play the song that sounds across the stars.
The Number
"Ah, but which number? Why it and no others?" —Lakshmi-2
Uriel's Gift
Take weapon in hand and fly to victory.
In dark water, my fangs are bared.
Cartesian Coordinate
Where does one end and the other begin?
Critical Sass
A chain reaction of nuclear insolence.
Erentil FR4
Bring on the sunrise.
Main Ingredient
"Now stir the sauce…"
Nox Echo III
Listen, and you will hear it.
Shock and Awe
Do not fear. Be what others fear.
The Wizened Rebuke
Forged in honor of Skorri, of lessons learned and lessons taught.
Timelines' Vertex
"I give you this, to be sure that we meet again." —Lakshmi-2
Flash and Thunder
Show them the Light.
"If we wish others to accept the grim reality, we must break through every comforting illusion." —Ar...
Annual Skate
"When the lake used to freeze, people would dance on the ice wearing boots with tiny swords. And fal...
Daedalus Code
Make your own escape.
Imset HC4
The City's foes ready themselves for the end.
SUROS invites you to join the dance.
Older Sister III
"To protect us, as she once protected me." —Executor Hideo
Shattered Peace
Only you can make it whole again.
Agenda 5
Fifth time's a charm.
SUROS invites you to improvise.
Heart of Time
"Perhaps it exists. Perhaps it does not. Either we shall find it, or we shall become it." —Lakshmi-2
Inaugural Address
My first act as emperor was to send the Consul into the wasteland. The golden sun would burn away hi...
Last Perdition
Can't outrun the ending.
Nergal PR4
Take arms against the lions of death, the kings of sunset.
Swift Ride
It'll be over before you know it.
Black Scorpion-4sr
I attack from the shadows. I never miss.
Did Ghaul always dream of a republic? What terrible worm burrowed into his heart that he would betra...