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Flip Out
You gotta be kidding me…
You didn't think I'd forget, did you?
Heart Sign
I less-than-three you!
Mic Drop
Nailed it.
Season with style.
Self-photography at its finest.
Six Shooter
Sturm? Drang? You don't need 'em.
Spicy Ramen
Never forget…
Have you seen my broom?
A Funny Thing
Does it live in the world? Or in the mind?
A Sour Taste
Nobody likes losing.
Absorb the Ether
So that's what the Fallen are so interested in.
Abstract Meditation
In each shape, a resonance.
All Alone
It's OK, I'm fine. Everything is fine…
All Mine
They're mine, all MINE!
Angelic Wings
Time for some heavenly hovering.
Anniversary Pose
No Guardian is an island, but this comes close.
Keep them coming.
Bad Scene
Watch what happens to this place when you leave for five minutes.
Bailing Water
I really wish that I knew how to swim!
Baking Cookies
So many cookies. So little time.
Barrel Bath
Soggy armor is a small price to pay for true relaxation.
B-Ball Hero
Ancient wisdom passed from the Golden Age suggests that the ball itself is life.
Blade Breaker
Empires fall before you.
Bobbing for Apples
It's not nearly as easy as it looks.
"Paracausal power? And THIS is what you do with it?" —Asher Mir
Breathe In
…breathe out.
Bug Catching
Shh! You'll scare them away!
Buster Ray
Sometimes it's the Busted Ray…
Cable Skipper
Questions remain about the "Guardian with the alligator purse."
Relax. We've got plenty of time.
Card Shuffle
What's the buy in?
Carry The Load
Let's take a trip across the EDZ.
Catching Rays
For that natural glow.
Cerebral Explosion
The universe contains mysteries that would shatter the minds of the unready.
Chair Pop
This is going to be good…
Championship Dance
Dance like everyone's watching.
Chicken Dinner
It's for winners.
Circling Sharks
At least they don't have laser beams.
Coin Flip
Scorn or the Ace?
Commanding Presence
Whether we wanted it or not…
Consult the Archives
There's gotta be something in here somewhere…
Cup of Tea
Who's up for a cuppa?
Curtain Call
Thank you, thank you! Oh, thank you!
Dance Off
The only possible way to resolve our differences.
Dawn of Invention
A new kind of Guardian is born.
Destructive Wizard
There are some who call me… the Guardian.
Disc Jockey
Turn up the beat!
Disciple's Judgment
The Disciple has no time for this.
Disorienting Teleport
…I have no memory of this place.