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Let's Go Not Now


Exotic / Quest Step

Return to Amanda Holliday in the Tower.

"This baby's gonna be a beaut when it's all said and done. Just need to iron out the kinks…" —Amanda Holliday

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Let's Go


Speak with Amanda Holliday:


Part of Quest "Blast from the Past"

1. Research Assistant

Defeat combatants. Stronger combatants grant more progress.

2. Optics

Defeat combatants with your Super and other class abilities. Supers grant the most efficient progress.

3. Collating

Return the data to Amanda Holliday in the Tower.

4. Sequencing

Come back after Amanda has had time to analyze the data. Complete quest "A Guardian Rises."

5. Processing Complete

Return to Amanda Holliday in the Tower.

6. Any Way You Ice It

Collect data by defeating combatants and completing public events on Europa.

7. True Test

Defeat targets with precision damage and defeat targets with Shotguns in Gambit or Crucible matches. Guardians grant the most efficient progress.

8. Heirloom

Return the finished data to Amanda Holliday.
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