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Legendary / Redeemable

A currency of the Cabal Empire.

Classified Item

Bungie has the ability to expose information in the API that, for whatever reason, is not yet ready to be seen. We call these items "classified".

Sometimes classified items eventually are revealed to be real, in-game items. However, they are usually just junk data that made it into the API that isn't intended to be seen.

We include these items in the database solely to provide a complete view of what is in the API files. You should not take the presence of this item as a guarantee of something coming in a future update or attempt to analyze its presence too deeply. Doing so likely will only lead to disappointment.

This item is categorized as classified because:

  • It was marked as a dummy item in the API files.

Mint in Box
Earn the Season of Opulence collections badge.
Complete a run through the Heroic Menagerie with a fireteam of three or few...
Break a Leg
During a Heroic Menagerie run, defeat Hasapiko without allowing any firetea...
Eyes Only for You
Defeat Arunak without defeating any Hive Knights.
Lambs to the Slaughter
During a Heroic Menagerie run, defeat Pagouri without allowing any fireteam...
Uncontrolled Rage
During a Heroic Menagerie run, defeat Arunak without allowing any fireteam ...
A Beautiful and Terrible Thing
Earn the Exotic Rocket Launcher, Truth.
Come Out and Play
Defeat Pagouri after luring it to each Vex plate only once.
Divided We Conquer
Defeat Hasapiko while no two Guardians share any one Firewall well.
Fire Is the Test of Gold
Earn the complete Menagerie weapon set.
Go Speed Runner, Go!
Complete a run through the Heroic Menagerie with time left on the clock.
Like Clockwork
Complete a run through the Menagerie without running out of time in any enc...
Rolling Deep
Slot runes in your Chalice to collect rewards from the Menagerie.
Treasure Hunt
Complete Werner 99-40's weekly bounties.
A Taste of Power
Unlock any Chalice slot.
Complete the bounty "Benevolence," available from Werner 99-40.
Chariots of Fire
Complete a run in the Gauntlet where all six players complete any lap toget...
Dangerous to Go Alone
As a fireteam, light one lamp each during "The Lamplighting" in the Menager...
Drink Deep
Unlock every Chalice slot.
Faster than Lightning
Complete "The Arkborn" in the Menagerie with time left on the clock.
Flair For Drama
Defeat Hasapiko, Beloved by Calus.
Gaze Into Death's Eyes
Complete the bounty "Gaze Into Death's Eyes," available from Werner 99-40.
Going the Distance
Get a perfect score in "The Gauntlet" by having all six players complete ev...
Golden Experience
Complete the bounty "Golden Experience," available from Werner 99-40.
Imperial Bestiary
Complete the bounty "Imperial Bestiary," available from Werner 99-40.
Imperial Finery
Complete a run through the Menagerie in a complete set of Opulent gear.
Parry, Strike, Parry
Complete "The Riposte" in the Menagerie with time left on the clock.
Prize(d) Fighter
Defeat Arunak, Beloved by Calus.
Purchase Makes Perfect
Unlock any upgrade for the Chalice.
Revered Treasures
Complete the bounty "Revered Treasures," available from Werner 99-40.
Safe Haven
Defeat the Ogres in "The Mockery" in the Menagerie with all three havens pr...
Salvaged Goods
Complete the bounty "Salvaged Goods," available from Werner 99-40.
Complete encounters within the Menagerie.
Spoils of War
Complete the bounty "Spoils of War," available from Werner 99-40.
Sweet and Shy
Defeat Pagouri, Beloved by Calus.
The Emperor's Embrace
Complete the bounty "The Emperor's Embrace," available from Werner 99-40.
The Hunted Becomes The…
Complete "The Hunted" in the Menagerie with time left on the clock.
The Imperial Salute
Complete the bounty "The Imperial Salute," available from Werner 99-40.
Time Manipulation
Complete "The Crystals" in the Menagerie with time left on the clock.
Trial by Combat
Complete the bounty "Trial by Combat," available from Werner 99-40.
Trial by Valor
Complete the bounty "Trial by Valor," available from Werner 99-40.
Trial by Wits
Complete the bounty "Trial by Wits," available from Werner 99-40.
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  "displayProperties": {
    "description": "A currency of the Cabal Empire.",
    "name": "Lavish Purse of Imperials",
    "icon": "/common/destiny2_content/icons/0fc4c88065f64d19c94c962961cf84f2.jpg",
    "hasIcon": true
  "tooltipNotifications": [],
  "backgroundColor": {
    "colorHash": 0,
    "red": 0,
    "green": 0,
    "blue": 0,
    "alpha": 0
  "itemTypeDisplayName": "Redeemable",
  "uiItemDisplayStyle": "",
  "itemTypeAndTierDisplayName": "Legendary Redeemable",
  "displaySource": "",
  "action": {
    "verbName": "Discard",
    "verbDescription": "",
    "isPositive": false,
    "requiredCooldownSeconds": 0,
    "requiredItems": [],
    "progressionRewards": [],
    "actionTypeLabel": "shard",
    "rewardSheetHash": 0,
    "rewardItemHash": 0,
    "rewardSiteHash": 0,
    "requiredCooldownHash": 0,
    "deleteOnAction": true,
    "consumeEntireStack": true,
    "useOnAcquire": false
  "inventory": {
    "stackUniqueLabel": "v450.currency.calum",
    "maxStackSize": 99999,
    "bucketTypeHash": 1469714392,
    "recoveryBucketTypeHash": 215593132,
    "tierTypeHash": 4008398120,
    "isInstanceItem": false,
    "nonTransferrableOriginal": false,
    "tierTypeName": "Legendary",
    "tierType": 5,
    "expirationTooltip": "",
    "expiredInActivityMessage": "",
    "expiredInOrbitMessage": "",
    "suppressExpirationWhenObjectivesComplete": true
  "acquireRewardSiteHash": 0,
  "acquireUnlockHash": 0,
  "investmentStats": [],
  "perks": [],
  "allowActions": true,
  "doesPostmasterPullHaveSideEffects": false,
  "nonTransferrable": false,
  "itemCategoryHashes": [
  "specialItemType": 0,
  "itemType": 20,
  "itemSubType": 0,
  "classType": 3,
  "breakerType": 0,
  "equippable": false,
  "defaultDamageType": 0,
  "isWrapper": false,
  "hash": 2627035363,
  "index": 7683,
  "redacted": false,
  "blacklisted": false