적응형 탄약

일반 / Enhanced Trait

이 무기는 무기의 피해 유형과 일치하지 않는 에너지 방어막에 더 효과적이도록 피해 출력을 조정합니다. 피해 증가량이 향상됩니다.

Community Research

Hits against non-Matching Element or Barrier Champion Shields deal increasingly higher damage.

Buff is removed upon hitting a matching shield or an unshielded enemy.

Damage increase per Weapon Archetype:
• Fusion Rifles: 🡅 34.8% per hit, up to 🡅 522%
• Machine Guns, Auto/Pulse/Trace Rifles: 🡅 40% per hit, up to 🡅 600%
• Linear Fusion Rifles: 🡅 180% per hit, up to 🡅 540%
• Bows, Glaives, Hand Cannons, Scout Rifles: 🡅 200% per hit, up to 🡅 600%

🡅 The damage buff is increased by 20%. (e.g. 150% 🠚 180%)
Last Updated 2022-10-09
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