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Almost Mighty Shell
For Ghosts who have delusions of grandeur.
CamNav-TTN Shell
For Ghosts who always know which way to point their Titan.
CLVS-241 Shell
For Ghosts who leave a golden legacy.
Constricting Shell
For Ghosts who are under a lot of pressure.
Lantern Shell
For Ghosts who have known Trials.
Nucleus Shell
For Ghosts who watch the universe revolve around them.
Orbweaver Shell
For Ghosts who were given an offer they couldn't refuse.
Rival Hunter Shell
For Ghosts who know the way of the Hunter.
Rival Titan Shell
For Ghosts who know the way of the Titan.
Rival Warlock Shell
For Ghosts who know the way of the Warlock.
Seraph Shell
For Ghosts who drift like feathers on the wind.
Arrow of Time
We must continue to move forward, even if it means aiming backward.
Better get cracking.
NS81 Reprisal Sprint
"Hey, hey, don't give up! Everything you ever wanted's on the other side of tomorrow." —Cayde-6
Obsidian Wings
"For the day we're free." —Lord Felwinter
Saint's Vocation
A new chance. A new calling.
Solar Sails
It's going to be a long, cold ride.
::Everything is gone.::
Team Spirit
"No Guardian works alone." —Commander Zavala
The Underdog
Kicked, starved, or scorned, I always get up. I always go on.
Waking Nightmare
"As Darkness approaches, my vision grows clearer." —Eris Morn
Haute Bliss
A little luxury goes a long way.
Immoderate Splendor
You can't take it with you.
Lunatic's Legacy
"You know you can't ride that into space, right?" —Amanda Holiday
Magneton Thrust
Living on a prayer… and the laws of magnetism.
Nightmare Stalker
"You can choose to flee in terror from your trauma, or you can race towards it, confronting it head-...
Residual Trace
They'll only know where you've been.
Resurrection's Guide
"The path to a new life is occluded by ruthless aggression. Defy it." —Osiris
Runner Up
It's gotta be someone.
Seventh Seraph Vector
Let the old ways shape the new.
The Blockbuster
Tear through the pavement with unrelenting propulsion.
Urban Commander
Take back the streets - in style.
Victory Lap
Take a little time to bask in your success.