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Let's Go Not Now

New Armor in Season 3

Item Name / Description
Season Class
Eternal Warrior
Absolute, unflinching resolve.
Ashen Wake
“It is your turn. These people will follow you to the very end. Remember th...
Wormgod Caress
"Have you ever stared into the green soulfire flame? There is terror, but a...
For this, there is one remedy.
Wormhusk Crown
We strive to know infinity, and sharpen our minds on the whetstone of the i...
Sealed Ahamkara Grasps
Plating the Ahamkara bones in silver helps to quiet the auditory hallucinat...
Ophidia Spathe
Listen carefully when the serpent speaks, for its tongue is forked, and its...
"Hey, if it works for computers…" —Marcus Ren
Apotheosis Veil
Most helmets protect the mind from the universe. Not this one.
Verity's Brow
"The Hive do not see how we see. They look beyond, into the infinite. Into ...
Claws of Ahamkara
The mind is malleable, filled with transient and fleeting ideas. Let us sha...
Sanguine Alchemy
There is power in blood.
BrayTech Sn0Helm
Great for avoiding a brain freeze.
Hardy's Calm
"Watch your people, mark their strengths, and be ready to call on them."
Insight Unyielding Helm
When your enemies behold your power, let them know fear. Turn your gaze to ...
Midnight Exigent Helm
Solstice Helm (Resplendent)
Complete the Nightfall Prestige at or above the bonus threshold.
Turris Shade Helm
"You have truly grown fat from strength. Magnificent." —Calus, Emperor of t...
BrayTech Thermal Grips
"You think this is cold? You have no idea."
Hardy's Control
"You know what I believe? Whatever I can get my hands on."
Insight Unyielding Gauntlets
Are you the immovable force, or the unstoppable object?
Midnight Exigent Gauntlets
Solstice Gauntlets (Resplendent)
Complete strikes with at least one clanmate.
Turris Shade Gauntlets
"Leaders. Elite infantry. Martial teachers. Your tribe would make stunning ...
BrayTech Iron-Heart Engine
The air is cold, but our hearts are warm.
Hardy's Journey
"Listen closely to those deep, distant warnings you feel."
Insight Unyielding Plate
Everything ends. When you meet yours, take them all with you.
Midnight Exigent Plate
Solstice Plate (Resplendent)
Complete the "Leviathan" raid on Prestige difficulty.
Turris Shade Plate
A little stronger. A more powerful stance. You are almost ready… to cast a ...
BrayTech Sn0Boots
"Nonslip techno treads for maximum arctic mobility."
Hardy's Steps
"I can't tell any one of you what to do. I'm not that wise. Walk your path....
Insight Unyielding Greaves
Glide across the battlefield like a ghost among living corpses.
Midnight Exigent Greaves
Solstice Greaves (Resplendent)
Achieve the Legend rank in the Valor Crucible rankings.
Turris Shade Greaves
"There has only ever been but a single Shadow from each people I've encount...
Anti-Hero Victory
The unlikely champion rises from tragedy.
BrayTech Absolute Zero Mark
Easy to spot in a whiteout.
Hardy's Orders
"In the end we'll be known for something bigger than all of us."
Midnight Exigent Mark
Solstice Mark (Resplendent)
Defeat Bosses
Turris Shade Mark
"This serves as a message to all false Cabal that you have served me. They ...
Abhorrent Imperative Mask
BrayTech Sn0Mask
"This is our best work yet." —Project Manager, BrayTech R&D
Equitis Shade Cowl
"You have truly grown fat from strength. And you are still as nimble as eve...
Insight Rover Mask
No living person shall know thy true face.
Qiao's Grin
"Let the outside mirror what is found on the inside."
Solstice Mask (Resplendent)
Complete the Nightfall Prestige at or above the bonus threshold.
Abhorrent Imperative Grasps
BrayTech Survival Mitts
"Stand over here. Stick your arm out. Yes, perfect. OK, just hold still…" —...