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Let's Go Not Now

New Exotics in Season 3

Item Name / Description
Season Class
SUROS Regime
Nostalgia as a weapon of war. Style as a hallmark of victory.
The Huckleberry
Nothin' in the world that 30 rounds can't solve.
Polaris Lance
"I've forgotten so much of my past life, of my family. But when I hold this...
Sleeper Simulant
Subroutine IKELOS: Status=complete. MIDNIGHT EXIGENT: Status=still in progr...
Whisper of the Worm
A Guardian's power makes a rich feeding ground. Do not be revolted. There a...
Worldline Zero
A single strike can alter the course of history.
Eternal Warrior
Absolute, unflinching resolve.
Ashen Wake
“It is your turn. These people will follow you to the very end. Remember th...
Wormgod Caress
"Have you ever stared into the green soulfire flame? There is terror, but a...
For this, there is one remedy.
Wormhusk Crown
We strive to know infinity, and sharpen our minds on the whetstone of the i...
Sealed Ahamkara Grasps
Plating the Ahamkara bones in silver helps to quiet the auditory hallucinat...
Ophidia Spathe
Listen carefully when the serpent speaks, for its tongue is forked, and its...
"Hey, if it works for computers…" —Marcus Ren
Apotheosis Veil
Most helmets protect the mind from the universe. Not this one.
Verity's Brow
"The Hive do not see how we see. They look beyond, into the infinite. Into ...
Claws of Ahamkara
The mind is malleable, filled with transient and fleeting ideas. Let us sha...
Sanguine Alchemy
There is power in blood.
Curtain Call
Thank you, thank you! Oh, thank you!
Festival Dance
Join the celebration and move to the beat!
Guardians don't need to ignite their Light to shine.
Sure, sure. You caught the big one. No, I totally believe you.
Flip Out
You gotta be kidding me…
You didn't think I'd forget, did you?
Heart Sign
I less-than-three you!
Home Run
…Called it!
Luxurious Toast
Life's good when you make friends.
Mic Drop
Nailed it.
"I can't believe what I'm seeing!" —Lord Shaxx
Season with style.
Salute of the Lords
"Beneath the branches of our iron tree we reminisce and sing dirges for the...
Self-photography at its finest.
Six Shooter
Sturm? Drang? You don't need 'em.
Spicy Ramen
Never forget…
Have you seen my broom?
A Thousand Wings
Extinguish the stars. Devour the planets. Soar through a universe of utter ...
Estival Excursion
Returning home is never as fast as you want it to be.
Holborn's Splint
This craft saw some strange action on Phobos, both planned and… otherwise.
Lost Legend
A BrayTech Model X-JY5438 (refurbished).
Shadow Trespass
Dampened hulls help avoid detection.
Stark Baffler
Sleek and confounding.
Zavala's Authority
When it moves, it's a ribbon of violet moonlight.
Azure Azazyel
Primarily used on the ice caps of Mars during the Golden Age.
Blacklight Razor
Mounted with harmonized twin pulse engines for a blazing attack.
Eon Drive
A lost artifact of the Golden Age.
G-335 Anseris Overdrive
A lost artifact of the Golden Age.
Gray Hornet
This Sparrow zips and dives and comes in for the sting.
There is always a player on the nightside, unseen and perfect—and patient.
Warsat incoming.