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Subtle Calamity
Quiet but deadly.
Tyranny of Heaven
It was She that inspired me to imagine your destruction, o jailer mine.
Erentil FR4
Bring on the sunrise.
Main Ingredient
"Now stir the sauce…"
Proelium FR3
Make their victory Pyrrhic.
Techeun Force
Sworn into faithful service to the Queen, the Techeuns of the Reef have long protected the secrets o...
Luna's Howl
"Guardians never die. But we don't forget those who do." —Lord Shaxx
Nation of Beasts
I can show you how we were in our prime. You need only ask, o student mine.
Not Forgotten
"Guardians never die. But we don't forget those who do." —Lord Shaxx
Thin Line
Sometimes you forget which side you're on.
"Worlds end. And when yours does, make sure you have a partner you can rely on." —The Drifter
Waking Vigil
"We have a duty to this solar system that goes deeper than blood, deeper than oaths." —Paladin Devi ...
Claws of the Wolf
"Perun's strikes would hit so fast and true that our enemies wouldn't realize their fate until it wa...
Horror's Least
"Some things should not be saved." —Techeun Sedia
Right Side of Wrong
Where do you stand?
Black Scorpion-4sr
I attack from the shadows. I never miss.
Distant Relation
"I like to keep my enemies where they can't reach me. I can always find a way to get to them if I ha...
The Cut and Run
"How do you think we got here?" —Avrok, trans. from Eliksni
"We knew it would not be easy." —Paladin Hallam Fen
"We are a long way from home." —Arrha (trans. from Eliksni)
Good Bone Structure
This one is a real looker.
Mindbender's Ambition
"Hiraks always did like to leave an impression." —The Spider
Retold Tale
"It's what gets left out, what gets reemphasized that you have to pay attention to." —Esila, daughte...
Anonymous Autumn
A lesson in the art of falling.
Death by Scorn
"The Barons fight together." —Elykris, transl. from Eliksni
The Last Dance
Save it for me.
Translation Theory
"Must consider new ways… What cannot change, dies…" —Variks, the Loyal
Vestian Dynasty
"Long live the Queen." —Petra Venj
SUROS invites you to bring about the end.
Fate Cries Foul
So make your own.
The Long Goodbye
"Yeah… I lost a lot of these out on Nessus. Long story. Lots of dead Vex." —The Drifter
Twilight Oath
Engraved in illuminated letters on the weapon's chassis: THE AWOKEN MADE ME.
Bad Reputation
"Here we can start over." —Mithrax, trans. from Eliksni
Breath of the Dragon
"Once Timur saw you, it was already over, whether they knew it or not." —Lord Saladin
Edge Transit
What did you trade away to secure passage to the edge?
Outrageous Fortune
No accounting for where it will fall.
Play of the Game
Show no mercy.
Swarm of the Raven
"With enough altitude, Felwinter's destruction would blanket the field farther than you could see." ...
Terran Wind
"The Great Machine isn't killing us. We're killing ourselves over the Great Machine." —Brivi, transl...
Through Fire and Flood
The passage to the Shore is not an easy road.
Crooked Fang-4fr
I sink my teeth into my prey.
Apex Predator
Is it you or I that tops the food chain, o challenger mine?
Bad Omens
"Can't avoid 'em. Trick is surviving 'em." —The Drifter
Roar of the Bear
"Silimar's defense broke more assaults than not. His retribution would shake the ground." —Lord Sala...
"I see our path ahead, full of despair and hardship, and I will walk it with joy in my heart." —Sjur...
You are the true power on the throne.
Abide the Return
"It is what she asks of us." —Paladin Kamala Rior
Steel Sybil Z-14
"Everything I touch falls apart! I see the fragments on the floor!"
"Well, isn't that a good thing?...
Cuboid ARu
What is the shape of reality?
Ros Lysis II
Here is a way to free your enemies from their earthly tethers.