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Black Armory Forge Gear

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Forged Machinist Helm
"Home is where the Hand Cannon is." —Ada-1
Forged Machinist Gauntlets
"Humanity can only rely upon itself in these dire times." —Ada-1
Forged Machinist Plate
"Temper your resolve like gunmetal, because you must become the true weapon...
Forged Machinist Greaves
"A forge represents limitless opportunity." —Ada-1
Forged Machinist Mark
"You never know what lies ahead." —Ada-1
Woven Firesmith Mask
"We do not trust what you call the Light, but certain times call for unlike...
Woven Firesmith Grips
"Think what you will, I am merely a seamstress of demise." —Ada-1
Woven Firesmith Vest
"Every possibility must be considered." —Ada-1
Woven Firesmith Boots
"The Black Armory represents the ingenuity and tenacity of humanity. We do ...
Woven Firesmith Cape
"As long as we have someone to protect, the only option is to keep fighting...
Annealed Shaper Crown
"Peel back the layers of hesitance to yield the fruit of conviction." —Ada-...
Annealed Shaper Gloves
"Some things in the universe are unknowable. What matters is that they're d...
Annealed Shaper Robes
"A fire cannot burn forever. The embers crack and dance, then drift softly ...
Annealed Shaper Boots
"Move quickly. The world never waits." —Ada-1
Annealed Shaper Bond
"I will always protect the Black Armory, above all else." —Ada-1
Armory Forged Shell
For Ghosts who honor the tradition of the Black Armory.
Fusion Matrix Shell
For Ghosts who channel unseen energy.