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New Armor in Season 5

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Annealed Shaper Crown
"Peel back the layers of hesitance to yield the fruit of conviction." —Ada-1
Frostreach Hood
"During the Festival of the Lost, we look back. During the Dawning, we look forward." —Ikora Rey
Gunsmith's Devotion Crown
"The human condition pushes us. Moves us. We fight because we love. We die because we love." —H. Mey...
Iron Fellowship Hood
"Remember why we fight." —Lord Saladin
Symmetrists' Mask
"You do not hate me. You hate the idea that I might be right." —Ulan-Tan
Annealed Shaper Gloves
"Some things in the universe are unknowable. What matters is that they're destructible." —Ada-1
Frostreach Gloves
"We welcome the Dawning of a new year with hearts open and arms outstretched." —Eva Levante
Gunsmith's Devotion Gloves
"What we did, we did for humanity. For family." —H. Meyrin
Iron Fellowship Gloves
"Some friendships, even death itself cannot sunder." —Lord Saladin
Symmetrists' Palms
"One day you will realize… Light alone is not enough." —Ulan-Tan
Annealed Shaper Robes
"A fire cannot burn forever. The embers crack and dance, then drift softly into the ether." —Ada-1
Frostreach Robes
The Dawning's familiar warmth can thaw even the coldest of hearts.
Gunsmith's Devotion Robes
"Black market arms aren't a particularly popular subject, for obvious reasons. Some nights I lie in ...
Iron Fellowship Robes
"So long as the Iron Banner flies, the Iron Lords will never die." —Lord Saladin
Symmetrists' Habit
"I wish the Light could 'win,' as you put it. But we must accept that it's just not that simple." —U...
Annealed Shaper Boots
"Move quickly. The world never waits." —Ada-1
Frostreach Boots
"Embrace the cold touch of Winter, for Spring is on her heels." —Dark Age proverb
Gunsmith's Devotion Boots
"They came for us. We were not prepared. Despite our best attempts." —H. Meyrin
Iron Fellowship Boots
"One day we too will meet our final deaths. How do you want to be remembered?" —Lord Saladin
Symmetrists' Balance
"Whatever came for us… it will come again. That is the nature of symmetry." —Ulan-Tan
Annealed Shaper Bond
"I will always protect the Black Armory, above all else." —Ada-1
Bond of Reciprocity
"In the darkness, light shines more brightly, and where light shines, it casts a shadow." —Ulan-Tan
Frostreach Bond
As many ways to celebrate the Dawning as stars in the sky. But they all guide us in the dark.
Gunsmith's Devotion Bond
"First the Traveler, and then what? What follows in its wake? We must be prepared." —H. Meyrin
Iron Fellowship Bond
"We honor the dead by remembering them with joy and with strength." —Lord Saladin