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New Cosmetics in Season 5

Item lists are being updated as the Bungie API is updated. Check back soon!
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Armory Forged Shell
For Ghosts who honor the tradition of the Black Armory.
Future Perfect Shell
For Ghosts who love fashionable defense.
Hard-Packed Shell
For Ghosts who never shy away from a (snowball) fight.
Neon Helix Shell
For Ghosts who love colorful expression.
Rust Punk Shell
For Ghosts with attitude.
Sanctum Plate Shell
For Ghosts with a love for the classic.
True North Shell
For Ghosts who know the way home.
Blade of Bergusia
Tracks the number of Bergusia Forge ignitions completed.
Blood of Izanami
Tracks the number of Izanami Forge ignitions completed.
Gofannon's Fire
Tracks the number of Gofannon Forge ignitions completed.
Vengeance of Volundr
Tracks the number of Volundr Forge ignitions completed.
Shrouded Stripes
A tiger doesn't change its stripes, but you can.
Apply this shader to change the color of your gear...
Delicious Benefactor
Holiday Treats
Hubris of Niobe
Meyrin's Vision
The wandering soul seeks an answer, only to find a path leading through a fog of uncertainty.
Obsidian Dreams
Rasmussen's Gift
There is one path forward, and we must pave it ourselves.
Recovered Memories
Tracks number of completions for raid "Scourge of the Past."
Satou's Secret
The earth is weary.
What has no future perceives
No path, just chaos.
Scourge of Nothing
Tracks number of completions for raid "Scourge of the Past."
The Golden Standard
This emblem tracks the number of the following Gold-tier medals earned in the Iron Banner.
Universal Hero
This emblem tracks total Triumph score.
Chest Bump
Oh yeah! We crushed it!
Fist Bump
We got this!
High Five
Up top!
Secret Handshake
Those in the know are in the know.
Aero Dart Shell
For Ghosts who want to reach maximum velocity.
Age of Tomorrow Shell
For Ghosts who can imagine a greater future.
Amethyst Spine Shell
For Ghosts with a sharp tongue.
Aqua Tusk Shell
For Ghosts who want to explore the aquatic depths.
Audiophile Shell
For Ghosts who want to be heard.
Autumn Gloss Shell
For Ghosts who love cool weather.
Brilliant Starfish Shell
For Ghosts who want to spend a little more time on the beach.
Buzzing Drone Shell
For Ghosts who sting like a bee.
Chrome Crab Shell
For Ghosts looking to explore their wild side.
Classic Waveform Shell
For Ghosts who like the classics—with a twist.
Dark Days Shell
For Ghosts who like to have a little more edge.
Eight Ball Shell
For Ghosts who want to be consulted.
Eye of the Storm Shell
For Ghosts who flourish in strong winds.
Frozen Amaryllis Shell
For Ghosts who endure the harshest winters.
Fusion Matrix Shell
For Ghosts who channel unseen energy.
Futurecraft Shell
For Ghosts who push the boundaries of technology.
Kabuto Shell
For Ghosts of warrior pedigree.
Lustrous Onyx Shell
For Ghosts who endure the elements.
Maelstrom's Auge Shell
For Ghosts who brave the center of the storm.
Path Followed Shell
For Ghosts who stay true.
Sibyl Shell
For Ghosts who keep the secrets of eternity.
Sunseeker Shell
For Ghosts who live on the horizon.
Techno Robin Shell
For Ghosts who like to look stylishly aerodynamic.