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New Quests in Season 5

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The Season of Giving
Volundr Forge
A Baking Break
The fires of the oven are low once more. Visit Tess Everis in the Tower Courtyard for a reward.
A Few More Couldn't Hurt
Now that you've warmed up Eva's Holiday Oven, use the skills you've learned to bake a few more treats.
A New Season Begins
Tess is waiting for you at her Eververse kiosk in the Courtyard.
A Stylish Return
Now that you've completed the Eververse bounty, return to Tess Everis at the Eververse kiosk in the Courtyard.
An Eververse Bounty
Tess has requested that you complete a bounty from Eververse.
Bakin' Friends
Return to Eva Levante in the Tower Bazaar.
The Season of Giving
Deliver holiday treats to recipients all over the system.