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Final Week of Fright
Last chance for Festival of the Lost items!
Forsaken Pack
Upgrade your arsenal with the Forsaken Pack, which includes access to more than 20 Forsaken Exotic weapons, the "Shattered Th...
Hair-Raising New Items
Festival of the Lost has begun!
Leviathan's Breath Ornament
Customize Leviathan's Breath!
New Emotes
Communication is key!
New Exotic Weapon Ornaments
Adorn your favorite weapon!
New Finishing Moves
Customize your finishers!
New Legendary Weapon Ornaments
Adorn your favorite weapon!
New Multiplayer Emotes
Express yourself with your fireteam!
Nostalgic Engram
Fill out your Eververse item collections!
Omega Mechanos Armor Ornaments
Complete your Season 2 look.
Optimacy Armor Ornaments
Adorn your new armor in optimal style.
Season of the Undying
Accelerate your Season Pass progression!
Season of the Undying Begins
Get a jump on your Year Two collections!
Season of the Undying Ends Soon
Last chance to get Season of Undying items!
Includes the Shadowkeep story campaign, Exotic quests, and raid and dungeon content.
As the heroes of the Last Safe City tur...
Return to a nightmarish new Moon!
Skeletal Universal Ornaments
Bone-chillingly festive.
The Red War
Includes the Red War story campaign.
Humanity's Last Safe City has fallen to an overwhelming invasion force led by Dominus G...
Undying Armor Ornaments
Travel to the Moon with a new look!
Includes the Warmind story campaign.
Golden Age satellites slam into the surface of the Hellas Basin on Mars. Icy glaciers t...
Warmind Armor Ornaments
Season 3 ornaments are ready for you.
Xenophage Ornament
Give Xenophage a new look.