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Circle 'round, great harbinger of death.
Done and Done
Return to Zavala in the Tower.
Duty Driven
Defeat combatants with Solar damage, earn points, and defeat bosses in Nightfall or playlist strikes...
Molten Glory
In strikes, defeat combatants, earn points, and defeat enemies with Solar weapons in Nightfall or pl...
Shoot Fast, Tread Lightly
In strikes, defeat enemies as a team with Sidearms, land airborne Sidearm final blows, and earn poin...
Show Off
Defeat combatants, earn Infamy, and defeat Guardians in Gambit during Season 9.
Tear It Up
Defeat combatants in Gambit, earn Infamy, and deposit Motes as a team.
Fireteam members contribute ...
Vanguard Nightbeam
Equip this shader to change the color of your gear.
Tracks the number of strikes completed.
Dawning Delivery
A bag of mysterious rewards to thank you for your generosity.
May contain: Rare or Legendary equipm...
A House Divided
In multiple strikes, defeat Fallen enemies.
Complete strikes and defeat at least one Taken strike boss.
Drive back the Darkness
In multiple strikes, defeat Taken enemies.
End the Abominations
Complete strikes and defeat at least one Scorn strike boss.
Five to One
Complete strikes and defeat at least one Cabal strike boss.
Killer Scorn
In multiple strikes, defeat Scorn enemies.
Legion Doomed
In multiple strikes, defeat Cabal enemies.
Scorched Earth
In multiple strikes, defeat enemies with Solar final blows.
Serve the Servitors
Complete strikes and defeat at least one Fallen strike boss.
Strike Back
Complete a Vanguard strike.