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"Our enemies think themselves gods and kings. Show them the error of their ...
An Earth artifact, refashioned to suit the Emperor's modest tastes.
An Earth artifact, refashioned to suit the Emperor's modest tastes.
My smile is full of blades.
Death's Razor
An Earth artifact, refashioned to suit the Emperor's modest tastes.
Eternity's Edge
"A sword is a wand that casts two spells: parry and cut." —Tarsem Sauer
BrayTech Werewolf
The right weapon can transform you.
BrayTech Werewolf
The right weapon can transform you.
Chroma Rush
Drink from the data stream.
False Promises
Gripped in the hands of the desperate many.
What's the scariest part of a firefight? The whole damn thing.
The Häkke Herod-C stays cool to the touch after hours of firing.
Horror Story
It never starts out scary.
I am nocturnal fury.
Old Sterling
It's far from pretty, but it will never let you down.
For soldiers of the eternal war.
Rufus's Fury
"For every round, a whisper. For every shell, a scream." —Rufus, Acolyte of...
Our eyes squinted, our teeth clenched, our prayers answered.
Seventh Seraph Carbine
The old workhorse, still with many years to give.
The Forward Path
Forged in honor of Weyloran, and roads yet traveled.
The Last Breath
"All things end." —Emissary of the Nine
"What else can we do but take up arms?" —Corsair Amrita Vae
Accrued Redemption
"I should never have let it come to this. Now each arrow is a penance." —Li...
Biting Winds
"The Fallen describe Darkness as a gale. A force of nature, arising suddenl...
Fel Taradiddle
It's an unassuming thing, but you'll be amazed at the damage it can do when...
I warn of the last moment.
Who doesn't like to spin a good yarn?
Whispering Slab
It sings of sorrows that have not yet come to pass.
Whistler's Whim
The tune is the same, but the aim couldn't be more different.
Burden of Guilt
"First, we face the past. Only then can we turn to the future." —Doctor Sye...
Shape: Liberation
Pressurized Precision
Beware the telltale hiss of a pressure leak…
"Sudden, swift, and deadly."
Ignition Code
"I can decode anything with a grenade launcher." —Saint-14
Lingering Dread
We are all burdened by the chains of our past.
New Pacific Epitaph
"This isn't happening. This isn't happening. This isn't happening."
Pardon Our Dust
When the dead speak, you should listen.
An Earth artifact, refashioned to suit the Emperor's modest tastes.
Crimil's Dagger
"She only wanted to help. I know that now." —Lord Saladin
Dire Promise
"If you think this world ends well, you are mistaken." —Arach Jalaal
One day, young hawk, thou shalt sail beneath the silvered moon.
Delivering the inevitable, one pull at a time.
"The greatest threat to a Guardian is another Guardian." —Emissary of the N...
Loud Lullaby
"Let their souls sing along." —Eris Morn
Pure Poetry
Each line more potent than the last.
Round Robin
Standard-issue weapon provided for Golden Age extraplanetary expeditions, r...
Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver
A thing of elegance from a more civilized age.
Something New
"It's new to me." —Banshee-44
Spare Rations
Whether times are lean or fat.
Survivor's Epitaph
"A weapon hides nothing. It is what it is. Whether it wants to be or not." ...