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Let's Go Not Now Patch 1.4.3

On 1/8/2019


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Item Database


New Filters: Rewards

  • Two new filters around rewards have been added:
    1. Rewards Include:
      • This filter will adjust your result to only include items whose rewards contain one of the items you specify in your filters
      • You can search for up to 3 possible rewards at a time
    2. Has Rewards?
      • This filter will adjust your result to only include items that offer some reward, regardless of what it is.
  • Using either of these filters will cause each row of the result to display what the possible rewards from the item are.

Item Detail Pages

  • Item Detail pages now display their Community Rarity.
    • This is a measurement of how many players have unlocked the item/triumph against number of players that have posted their profile to the site since the beginning of Season 4
  • Items with rewards (such as quests/bounties/forge vessels/etc) will now list which items they reward under the Rewards tab at the bottom of the page. See Powerful Sword Frame as an example
  • All items will show a Reward From tab if they can be earned by completing a quest/bounty/etc. See Powerful Gear for example
  • Hovering over perks will now show any stats that they impact, such as High-Calibur Rounds increasing Range by 5
    • This will happen anywhere on the site that you hover a perk, not just on item detail pages.
  • Item Detail Pages also now have a Share button with shortened links and various options depending on where you want to use them:
    • Plain Text
    • Markdown (for Reddit posts/comments)
    • HTML (for your own site)
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Fixed an issue where weird things happened if you tried to vote on a review while signed out


  • The Legend homepage is now less ugly and exposes more info immediately so it's not just an extra click between you and where you're trying to go.
  • Collectible and Triumph pages also show Community Rarity, as described in the Item Database section above.
  • Collectible and Triumph pages also have the new Share functionality described above.
  • Collectibles and Triumphs now display their version history. This utilizes the API Update Tracker, which goes back as far as the Forsaken pre-patch.
  • On Legend Entries, Triumphs should now appear in the same order that they do in-game.
    • The only exception to this is items that are still classified in the API, which will be shuffled to the bottom of the page.

God Roll Finder

  • Now includes all perks except for those that are only found on Exotic weapons.
  • Now will show Rare, Common, and Basic items that match your criteria as well.

Collection Manager


  • Fixed a display issue on all trackers that have the blue "Owned" subtracker where the math didn't include items that you no longer own but have credit for via collections
    • The leaderboard was scoring these correctly - this was just a UI issue


  • Changed the scoring algorithm to be more consistent regardless of the triumph point value of each chapter and book.
  • Fixed a couple of issues causing certain lore books to not grant their full 25 points for completion
  • Fixed some display issues preventing the count of chapters completed on the cover of each book from being correct


  • Emblems that are no longer obtainable will no longer be scored.
    • Emblems that are only obtainable for a limited amount of time will be worth points for the duration of the Season which they are obtainable, but will lose their value at the beginning of the next season.
    • The following emblems are consequently no longer worth points:
      • Vanguard Terminus
      • A Cold Wind Blowin'
      • Damage, Incorporated
      • Redrix's Preferred
      • Nightmare's End
      • Deep in the Woods
  • The Senior Recruiter emblem is now worth 5 points


  • Better late than never: the Checklists tracker has been updated to properly show Ahamkara Bones, Corrupted Eggs, and Cat Statues, with links to lowlines' map for locations on each.


  • We're going to try dark mode as the default for a while. You can still swap to light mode by clicking the cog in the upper right of any page.