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Let's Go Not Now Patch 2.0.0 - Global Weapon Parsing, Roll Appraiser, Updated God Roll Finder, and more

On 11/10/2020

Check out this video for all of this information in a quick 3 minute rundown.

UPDATED: Homepage

  • The homepage has gotten a face lift
  • In the spirit of current events, it also insists on being in dark mode
    • Most other pages will still respect your light/dark mode preference.
  • You might notice the logo will occasionally give in to temptation. Don't worry - you'll have a similar choice of your own soon enough.
  • Goals here:
    • Make the homepage prettier 💅
    • Make better use of the space available on larger screens
    • Get the ads out of the way as much as possible so they're easier to ignore.
      • Ads are a necessary evil that have helped pay for all the cool stuff below, but that doesn't mean I can't do more to try to make them as unobtrusive as possible

NEW: Global Weapon Parsing

Full, Detailed Tutorial Video available here

  • Using the Bungie API, we are now parsing weapon data on the global Destiny 2 population.
  • This data is used to power several of the new/updated features below
  • Weapons "expire" if their owner has not logged in in the past 2 weeks. This should help to keep the stats fresh over time.
  • Additionally, there is a restriction in the Bungie API that will only allow us to parse equipped weapons on a large number of players. I go into a lot more detail in the tutorial video above, but the TL;DR is that even w/ this restriction, we can still come up with fairly large sample sizes for the majority of popular weapons, and I think the data is still meaningful. If you disagree, that's cool, feel free to ignore 🙃
  • As long as you are logging in frequently, the stats will update to whatever perks you have selected when it sees you again.
  • If you want to help make this and the tools it powers more useful, go to your privacy settings and make sure "Show my non-equipped inventory" is checked. This will allow our parser to see your entire inventory and vault, not just your equipped items.

Item Detail Pages

NEW: Community Average Roll

  • Using the parsed weapon data, we are able to "crowdsource" what the community thinks are the best perks on each weapon. Those perks are presented in the new Community Average Roll section
  • This section is independent of the curated perk suggestions from community experts that show up under the Random Rolls section. Those suggestions are generated using actual experience and expertise - these are purely relaying the statistics of what the community is currently using.
  • The percentage bars under each perk show how popular that perk is relative to the most popular perk in the same column.

UPDATED: Your Rolls

  • The Your Rolls section has been updated to indicate a roll grade, which is a high level comparison of how the perks you have selected on your rolls compare to the most common community average roll.
  • You can now click Inspect on an individual roll to summon it up in the Roll Appraiser, a new tool.

NEW: Roll Appraiser

Full, Detailed Tutorial Video available here

  • The Roll Appraiser is a new tool that allows you to see a lot of the stuff that was on Your Rolls on item detail pages, but all on one screen.
  • There are tons of filtering options here, summonable by clicking Filters in the upper right
  • Clicking on any individual roll will summon up the roll inspector, which you can use to compare your roll against community preferred perks and see in realtime what affect each perk selection will have on the weapon's stats.
  • Clicking "Select Most Popular Perks" will show you which perks the community would pick, on average, for your roll.
  • For rolls that you know you love, you can click Find Similar Rolls to summon up the God Roll Finder, pre-loaded with the perks from your particular roll.

UPDATED: God Roll Finder

Full, Detailed Tutorial Video available here

The God Roll Finder has been updated.

  • Armor is no longer supported as it's kind of pointless since Armor 2.0
  • You can now select multiple weapon types at once
  • A ton of filtering options have been added - summon them up by clicking Filters in the upper right
    • A lot of frequently requested options are here:
      • RPM / Archetype
      • Damage Type
      • Ammo Type
      • Weapon Slot
  • Reworked how you remove perks (drag them to the trash can now) as the old way was really hard to manage on mobile
  • Added delete Xs for whole perk groups
  • Possible Rolls now show multiple per row and have labels to indicate high level attributes of the weapon (such as ammo type, damage type, etc)
  • Possible rolls now have a bullseye indicator for curated rolls and a shuffle indicator for random rolls. This change is mostly for my colorblind bros that can't see the blue and red, but I see color just fine and like the icons too 🤷‍♂️
  • Your Rolls now show rolls similarly to the Roll Appraiser. This includes the roll grade and related labels.
    • Click on a single roll to summon just it up in the Roll Appraiser and play with its perks
    • Or, click on Export to Appraiser to send all of Your Rolls that match your given criteria over to the Roll Appraiser and play with them all.
  • Favorites have been massively improved and shouldn't randomly just stop working anymore
    • They are still bound to the specific device you save them on (for now, I'd like to save them in the database so you can pull them up on whatever device eventually, but daddy ran out of time ok)

NEW: God Roll Hub

  • This new page serves as a dashboard to display interesting stats that fall out of all of the weapon parsing data I talked about above.
  • The numbers on this page are shown as "% of Yesterday", essentially meaning of all the weapons we saw in the past 24 hours, how many were of this type / had this perk / were this weapon / etc.
    • Obviously there are raw numbers behind all of this that I could show instead, but experience has taught me that people like to make grand conclusions about the state of the game, etc based on numbers like that, and I just don't think that's productive.
    • Beyond that, just due to the nature of the game, some days people are going to play more than other days. For these stats to be meaningful, we need to normalize that phenomenon out, and looking at things in terms of what % they were within the day helps to accomplish that.
  • The Polar Area charts show the most recent day's stats. They're cooler than pie charts because they also show scale, so you can tell that Gnawing Hunger and Falling Guillotine are hilariously more popular than the next highest weapon.
  • The line charts show weapons' relative popularity over time. This will cap out at the past 14 days once we get that deep.
    • I realized a nasty bug was in the parser a couple of days before launching this patch, so I had to kill all of the data I had up to that point. Whoops!
  • More stats will be added as I track more things.