Season of the Wish: Warlord's Ruin Gear

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Buried Bloodline
Shallow graves give way to old vendettas and hungry claims.
Vengeful Whisper
"Ruin to kings." —Hefnd
Naeem's Lance
"Let us make them love us as much as we were feared." —Warlord Naeem
Indebted Kindness
There is so little left. And the cost, so high…
Dragoncult Sickle
A blade of old, adorned with mystic bone. Believed to be sacred.
Dark Age Helm
To narrow vision to violence.
Dark Age Gauntlets
Stained with years of combat.
Dark Age Chestrig
Durable and resourceful.
Dark Age Sabatons
Equipped with crampons for steep terrain.
Dark Age Mark
A banner, a sigil, a creed.
Dark Age Mask
A visage to remember.
Dark Age Grips
The imprint of a weapon, molded ever in hand.
Dark Age Harness
Prepare for everything, or the wilds will take everything.
Dark Age Strides
Gambeson and stitch for long, cold nights, and short, bloody fights.
Dark Age Cloak
A symbol to the beasts, that you are one of them.
Dark Age Visor
Ancient systems still run beneath the visor, assessing threats and terrain ...
Dark Age Gloves
Thin separation keeps your hands clean.
Dark Age Overcoat
Beneath a layer of gambeson rests an arsenal of power.
Dark Age Legbraces
Steadying the ground beneath for the climb to come.
Dark Age Bond
They will know you by the bonds you forge.
Zira's Shell
For Ghosts who follow their debt-taker.
Shattered Fortress
Tattered Regalia