Patch 2.0.6 - Hawkmoon, Dawning, Collection Manager tweaks

On 12/11/2020

Collection Manager

All Trackers

  • Added a new red exclamation indicator when a goal item must be in your inventory in order for you to earn points
    • This happens when Bungie, for whatever reason, does not create an entry in Collections for the item in question.
    • The list of collectibles you've found is what allows me to give points even if you've dismantled the item. So, if Bungie doesn't have one for an item, I can't tell if you've ever had it unless it's currently in your inventory
    • The goal of this indicator is to make it clearer when this scenario comes up and reduce the number of times you find yourself wondering why you're not getting points for something you've already found.
  • Fixed an issue keeping the individual leaderboard crests in the scoring sidebar from showing

Beyond Light

  • Added items from 12/8 API update


  • Fixed an issue where DSC mods were being scored as if they were armor.
    • All Raid scores have been reduced by 22 to compensate for this bug. Swing by the Collection Manager to ensure you're getting your points after this update.

Iron Banner

  • Added permanent progress logic for Season 12 armor set
    • The past few seasons, Bungie hasn't added new collectibles for the reprised Iron Banner armor sets. This makes it so you must have the items in your inventory in order to earn points
    • With today's change, once you have all 15 pieces of this gear set in your inventory, your progress will lock in, and you will be able to safely dismantle any that you don't want to keep
    • When the items have locked in, a gold border will appear around their icons, like this:


  • Added S12 Conqueror title as a goal
    • As a heads up, moving forward, I plan on requiring the title be re-earned in any season which a new strike is added.
    • Getting Conqueror this season is not the same as the past, so it makes sense to reward the people who have done it again.

Item Detail Pages

  • The Version History in the sidebar should now show DECLASSIFIED instead of MODIFIED when the API update in question was the first time the item was fully visible.