New Armor in The Final Shape

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Wishful Ignorance
"My only wish is for this disrespect to end." — Ol-Amral
Hazardous Propulsion
WARNING: Sudden explosions may occur.
We are the final stand. The fortress in the storm.
Gifted Conviction
"Perfection is overvalued." —Ikora Rey
Balance of Power
"In my mind I heard it whisper: 'come and see.'"
We watch, and we listen. We are the first to see the danger lurking in the ...
Speaker's Sight
To its Speakers, the Traveler gives dreams, and little more.
The moment when wings and limbs are held on tenterhooks, and the pin enters...
We are thinkers, daring to dream about the universe and its infinite expans...
Biosphere Explorer Helm
Hunger teaches resourcefulness.
Crimson Plume Helm
"Take your moment, survey your surroundings… then dive headfirst into the f...
First Ascent Helm
Choose what you will become next.
Poison Promise Helm
"If you're up against someone smilin', watch out. That smile's likely hidin...
Promised Reunion Helm
"I…was with them again."
Untethered Edge Helm
Head to head.
Wall-watcher Helm
"Remain vigilant. A threat detected may be a threat averted." —Commander Za...
Biosphere Explorer Gauntlets
Isolation teaches clarity.
Crimson Plume Gauntlets
"In war and peace, in fear and doubt… the Crucible still stands." —Lord Sha...
First Ascent Gauntlets
Hold close your own.
Poison Promise Gauntlets
"Always keep one hand on your weapon when you shake hands." —The Drifter
Promised Reunion Gauntlets
"An embrace so long, I held them with all the strength I had left."
Untethered Edge Gauntlets
Tighten your grip.
Wall-watcher Gauntlets
"May our walls and our Guardians continue to shield our people…all of them....
Biosphere Explorer Plate
Deprivation teaches discipline.
Crimson Plume Plate
"Feel your heart rise in your chest, blazing with purpose… and rise with it...
First Ascent Plate
Oh, to read a pulpy golden age detective novel… just once more.
Poison Promise Plate
"I'm not worried about the world endin'. Why worry about a sure bet?" —The ...
Promised Reunion Plate
"I saw my wife, my son… we were whole again."
Untethered Edge Plate
One breath.
Wall-watcher Plate
"It's not about protecting our battlements; it's about protecting what's in...
Biosphere Explorer Greaves
Terror teaches alacrity.
Crimson Plume Greaves
"How far you fall now has no bearing on how high you will rise later." —Lor...
First Ascent Greaves
To enter the body of a deity would be to unquestionably defile it.
Poison Promise Greaves
"When danger's comin', you can run towards it, run away… or saunter to wher...
Promised Reunion Greaves
"All the pain, all the guilt, welled up at once and then was gone."
Untethered Edge Greaves
Set your stance.
Wall-watcher Greaves
"Whatever threatens the Last City, you must stand ready to meet it." —Comma...
All-Star Mark
"How you feel is how you look, my dear. And I want you feeling your best!" ...
Biosphere Explorer Mark
Each deadly encounter gifts a lesson.
Crimson Plume Mark
"No one can clip your wings unless you let them, Guardian!" —Lord Shaxx
First Ascent Mark
There is nothing as exquisite as the feeling of doing what no one has done.
Poison Promise Mark
"Sure, anything's possible. That should scare you, not cheer you up." —The ...
Promised Reunion Mark
"Together we would find peace."
Untethered Edge Mark
Show your true intentions.
Wall-watcher Mark
"We bear the burden of protecting the Last City. And we bear it proudly." —...
Crimson Plume Cowl
"Take your moment, survey your surroundings… then dive headfirst into the f...
First Ascent Casque
Choose what you will become next.
Hinterland Cowl
The beast snarls, and the hunter whispers.
Poison Promise Mask
"If you're up against someone smilin', watch out. That smile's likely hidin...
Promised Reign Mask
"I stand beside the empty throne."