A lot of the awesome stuff on is built on top of great work by other members of the Destiny 2 community. Check them out below & give them some love/support. ❤

Name Contribution(s) Twitter Discord Support
lowlines 3D Preview @lowlines lowlines#2199
PandaPaxxy Roll Theorycraft Recommendations @panda_pax PandaPax#0054
Mercules904 Roll Theorycraft Recommendations @Mercules904 Server
48klocs DIM Voltron Wishlist @48klocs  
Clarity Community Notes @D2Clarity Server
Court Community Notes - Damage De/buffs & Stacking @CourtProjects Court#0001
Pip1n Community Notes - Weapon/Exotic/Mod Details @Pip1n Pip1n#8890
VanHolden Reload Time @VanHolden304 Van Holden#3959
Fading Shadow Recoil Direction Visualizer @Fading_Shadow_ Fading Shadow#6041
Mmonx Range / Damage Falloff @themmonx Mmonx#2524
IvanFKaramazov Range / Damage Falloff @IvanFKaramazovT IvanFKaramazov#9955
Fillinek Dares Loot Rotation   Fillinek#6079
JpDeathBlade Armor 2.0 Stat Block Theory @JpDeathBlade  
Testifye Armor 2.0 Stat Block Theory