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Business as Usual
Deposit Motes. Dropped Motes subtract x2 score. Win Gambit matches.
City of Secrets
Search for clues about the thief in the Dreaming City.
Dark Weapon Core
Speak to the Drifter at the Tower.
Depleted Weapon Core
Deliver the depleted weapon core you found at Callum's grave to the Drifter.
Lights Out
Have an ally invader defeat four opposing Guardians in a single invasion three times, OR defeat four opposing Guardians as an...
The Corrupted
Help the Drifter track the thief who stole from him. Complete the mission variant of strike "The Corrupted."
The Seething Heart
Speak to the Drifter at the Tower.
Broken Courier
Dark Monastery
It's in the Cards
The Oracle Engine
War for the Dreaming City
Broken Courier
"One of my people is calling for evac. Got a minute?" —Petra Venj
Commendation Rewards
Speak with Hawthorne and claim your rewards for commending your fellow Guardians.
Dark Monastery
"We've got strange reports coming in from the Corsairs. I need a sitrep." —Petra Venj
Give 5 Commendations
Give commendations to your fellow Guardians.
The Oracle Engine
"We lost contact with one of the Techeuns out in the Mists. Scope it out, Guardian." —Petra Venj
War for the Dreaming City
"Thank you for coming, my friend. I'm always glad to see you." —Petra Venj
The Blind Well
The Legion's Calling
The Shattered Throne
Talk to the Drifter
Speak to the Drifter in the Tower.
The Shattered Throne
Strike back at the curse that plagues the Dreaming City.