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Item Name / Description
Season Class
Cayde's Will
Darkness in the Light
Key of Light and Darkness
Tex Mechanica Tournament
Balanced Awoken Talisman
A talisman imbued with Darkness and your own innate Light. It proves you are worthy to enter the Dreaming City and walk among...
Broken Awoken Talisman
Collect the remaining talisman fragments found within the Lost Sectors of Tangled Shore.
Broken Awoken Talisman
Petra told you this item is your key to following her to the Dreaming City. Spider can help you repair it.
Business as Usual
Deposit Motes. Dropped Motes subtract x2 score. Win Gambit matches.
Cayde's Will
Bring the recovered Ace of Spades parts back to Banshee-44 in the Tower.
Cayde's Will
In any Crucible playlist, defeat opponents with precision final blows from any Hand Cannon to collect the biorhythmic data Ba...
Cayde's Will
Take the broken Ace of Spades to Banshee-44.
Cayde's Will
To collect the biorhythmic data that Banshee needs to tune the Ace of Spades to your hand, defeat enemies and invaders with H...
Cayde's Will
Eliminate 250 enemies in strikes with a Hand Cannon to collect the biorhythmic data Banshee needs to tune the Ace of Spades t...
Cayde's Will
Search the solar system for Cayde's personal caches.
Cayde's Will
Reclaim Cayde's gun, the Ace of Spades, from Uldren Sov.
Cayde's Will
Cayde's personal cache is on Titan. Fight your way back into the Arcology to claim the parts you need to repair the Ace of Sp...
City of Secrets
Search for clues about the thief in the Dreaming City.
Crucible Tournament
Defeat opponents using a Shotgun in the Crucible.
Crucible Tournament
Defeat Guardians with Arc, Solar, and Void damage in the Crucible. Being defeated in the Crucible sets back your progress.
Dark Weapon Core
Speak to the Drifter at the Tower.
Depleted Weapon Core
Deliver the depleted weapon core you found at Callum's grave to the Drifter.
Gambit kills
Defeat enemy Guardians in Gambit.
Holliday Family History
Visit Amanda Holliday in the Tower.
Holliday Family History
Visit Amanda Holliday
Imbalanced Awoken Talisman
Return to Spider with the empowered Awoken talisman.
Inert Awoken Talisman
Return to Spider with the mended Awoken talisman.
Lights Out
Have an ally invader defeat four opposing Guardians in a single invasion three times, OR defeat four opposing Guardians as an...
Mended Awoken Talisman
Defeat Taken to imbue the talisman with the Darkness you need to open the doorway to the Dreaming City. Vanguard intel indica...
Semi-Charged Awoken Talisman
Absorb Darkness from the tainted Ether in the public event "Ether Harvest," located in Four-Horn Gulch. Defeat three Chieftai...
The Corrupted
Help the Drifter track the thief who stole from him. Complete the mission variant of strike "The Corrupted."
The Seething Heart
Speak to the Drifter at the Tower.
Acting Bad, Looking Good
Armor of Flame
Broken Courier
Clan Rewards
Dark Monastery
Forging the Broadsword
Guardians United
Guardians United
Making an Impact
Reporting In: Divalian Mists
Reporting In: Rheasilvia
Reporting In: The Strand
Rise to the Challenge
The Oracle Engine
Untangling the Shore
War for the Dreaming City
Return to Lord Shaxx in the Tower.