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No Reprieve
Sometimes mercy is worse.
Blood Feud
Thicker than water.
Tarnished Mettle
Survival is the better part of valor.
Sailspy Pitchglass
There are shapes on the horizon not yet meant to be seen.
Ketchkiller's Helmet
"Even from the deck of a Ketch, your Light can shatter the stars." —Mithrax
Ketchkiller's Gauntlets
"Steer your ship true, as trust is rare among the deep stars." —Mithrax
Ketchkiller's Plate
"You will face cutlass and cannon fire… nothing you need fear." —Mithrax
Ketchkiller's Greaves
"Tread your path with honor, as a true Lightbearer." —Mithrax
Ketchkiller's Mark
"Not all deserve your protection, but all will have it." —Mithrax
Ketchkiller's Mask
"A smart captain keeps one eye on their own back." —Spider
Ketchkiller's Grips
"Being captain just means everyone has a reason to want you gone." —Spider
Ketchkiller's Vest
"Make sure any flag you fight under is worth dying for." —Spider
Ketchkiller's Strides
"Keep two knives in your belt, in case you can't get your point across with...
Ketchkiller's Cloak
"Keep a radio hidden on you… and hope you never need it." —Spider
Ketchkiller's Hood
"Every crew needs a captain. Otherwise, who'd take all the credit?" —Drifte...
Ketchkiller's Gloves
"Those other fellas got more hands than you, so make sure you're holdin' bi...
Ketchkiller's Robes
"Sail quick so you don't get caught… and have a thick hull if you do." —Dri...
Ketchkiller's Boots
"Cut anchor if things get messy. There's always another score." —Drifter
Ketchkiller's Bond
"The pirates hold nothin' back when they fight. Can you match that?" —Drift...
Generation's Shadow
We are where we came from.