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Touch of Malice
"Let them feel every lash, every curse, every touch of malice that they fir...
Smite of Merain
"No tomb but the battlefield! No legacy but the scars we etch upon our foes...
Smite of Merain (Harrowed)
Barrel etching: "He parted them like a sea, which closed upon him again."
Defiance of Yasmin
"Shields up! Protect the queen! Brace for impact! Save the queen…" —Paladin...
Defiance of Yasmin (Harrowed)
The impact is too great. Silence falls. The queen was safe… Please… let her...
Midha's Reckoning
"I see now that everything dies. Even… even memory." —Midha, Consort of Sta...
Midha's Reckoning (Harrowed)
"…I will not be forgotten." —Midha, Consort of Stars
Zaouli's Bane
"Go, child! Run! Don't look back! Don't—"
Zaouli's Bane (Harrowed)
As the teeth rend and tear, my consolation is that the child lives.
Doom of Chelchis
"Where is the Great Machine? Where is the Great Machine?" —Chelchis, Kell o...
Doom of Chelchis (Harrowed)
"All is silent. Nothing answers me. The hunger comes." —Chelchis, Kell of S...
Qullim's Terminus
"If only… if only we had heeded the queen…"
Qullim's Terminus (Harrowed)
"Her guidance would have saved us…"
War Numen's Crown
Show them you can contain multitudes, and your interiority will spawn night...
War Numen's Fist
"The start is always the same. Enter his court, and call him out."
War Numen's Chest
"Death is the game, and the game is always death."
War Numen's Boots
"Speak, and the Darkness obeys. Command, and the song turns on itself."
War Numen's Mark
Will you barter your soul in exchange for the chance to kill a king?
Darkhollow Mask
"The Dreadnaught is a blighted hollow gouged into our universe." ―Eris Morn
Darkhollow Grasps
"All the vastness of our universe is but a blank page on which they scrawl ...
Darkhollow Chiton
"Heartless and cruel is their realm—but in some ways more malleable than yo...
Darkhollow Treads
"Even now, the daughters of Oryx weave black words of blight to bind his re...
Darkhollow Mantle
"To even exist in their space is to constantly demand your own existence." ...
Mouth of Ur
For the more Light the worms consume, the hungrier they become.
Grasp of Eir
At the beginning, they stood in thrall of the Formless One, and they offere...
Chasm of Yul
A clew of writhing things there was also, on that cusp between Light and Da...
Path of Xol
Bound together, their power knows no limit, save their thirst for more.
Bond of the Wormlore
"They were two once. In the Darkness, they joined. Such is the Hive's stren...