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SUROS invites you to follow our lead.
I penetrate all defenses.
The Title
"It will take all the best that our best have to offer. The question hangs ...
Welcome to hell on Earth… delivered at 250 feet per second!
Typhon GL5
Host a launch party with the Typhon GL5 by Omolon.
Shape: Fatal
Cataclysmic (Adept)
Shape: Fatal
Recurrent Impact
It's enough to drive someone out of their mind.
The vengeful get their prize.
Red Herring
Stay focused. If you try to run down every lead, you'll make your head expl...
Razor's Edge
Not a soul would speak of what remained after that wretched blade found its...
Loreley Splendor Helm
"I don't know what it means
That I am so sad
A legend of bygone days
That I...
"No great wonder can stand forever if it is constructed on a lie." —Alexei
Blight Ranger
It reflects whatever it sees, no matter how ugly.
Renewal Grasps
The frigid will renewed, resurgent.
Osmiomancy Gloves
Osmium's existence requires near-divine intervention—a supernova—to forge.
Secant Filaments
The nature of the secant is to intercept a curve, a role all human relation...
Clutch Extol Helmet
"If you feel you are unworthy, fight until your doubt is burned away." —Lor...
Photosuede Helmet
"I consider them enemies of the Light, no matter what powers they command."...
Resonant Fury Helm
Ur yearns for nurture. It does so through hunger.
Tusked Allegiance Helmet
"They are an insult, a stain that's our duty to wash away." —Lord Saladin
Veritas Helm
"Life is lies. Comfort? Justice? Love? They're things we made up. Don't mak...
Viperidax Helmet
"So what if another fella got dealt in? Just makes the pot bigger." —The Dr...
Clutch Extol Gauntlets
"You have questions about the Light? The Crucible is the only answer you ne...
Photosuede Gauntlets
"Our response must be swift and devastating." —Commander Zavala
Resonant Fury Gauntlets
Yul yearns for nurture. It does so through honesty.
Tusked Allegiance Gauntlets
"If this is a test, we shall not fail." —Lord Saladin
Veritas Gauntlets
"Truth is difficult. And that's fine. I don't trust anyone who doesn't like...
Viperidax Gauntlets
"Just 'cause there's another player at the table don't mean our hand is wea...
Clutch Extol Plate
"The Crucible will teach you what it is to lose, so that you may teach your...
Photosuede Plate
"The Light was once what separated us from our enemies." —Commander Zavala
Resonant Fury Plate
Xol yearned for nurture. It did so amongst the thousands.
Tusked Allegiance Plate
"I believed not that the Light was good, but that there is goodness in thos...
Veritas Plate
"You'll never know truth with real certainty. All you can do is hew away at...
Viperidax Plate
"They say a little competition brings out the best in everyone. Brings out ...
Clutch Extol Greaves
"Though we fight horrors beyond the walls, never forget your opponents here...
Photosuede Greaves
"We are still Guardians. Nothing will ever change that." —Commander Zavala
Resonant Fury Greaves
Akka yearned for nurture. It did so through secrets.
Tusked Allegiance Greaves
"Meet them head-on. Let us see whose Light burns more brightly." —Lord Sala...
Veritas Greaves
"Truth is a sunrise, kid. It's pretty and it fits great in poetry, but in t...
Viperidax Greaves
"Oh, I'm sorry, were we pretendin' the Light cares about how friendly you a...
Clutch Extol Mark
"Nothing has changed. The Light gives us strength, and we must treat it wit...
Mark of Medal
Your reputation precedes you, like the rumble of a lumbering beast.
Photosuede Mark
"When the situation changes, we must bravely change to meet it." —Commander...
Resonant Fury Mark
Eir yearns for nurture. It does so through order.
Tusked Allegiance Mark
"We are what we survive. They will not be the Guardians." —Lord Saladin
Veritas Mark
"The truth outlives us. You can put a bullet through my heart and win an ar...
Viperidax Mark
"When did 'by any means necessary' become such a bad thing?" —The Drifter
Clutch Extol Mask
"If you feel you are unworthy, fight until your doubt is burned away." —Lor...
Photosuede Mask
"I consider them enemies of the Light, no matter what powers they command."...