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Defiance of Yasmin
"Shields up! Protect the queen! Brace for impact! Save the queen…" —Paladin Yasmin Eld
Locus Locutus
Speak to remember, speak to forget.
A single word etched inside the barrel: "Sylvie-1."
The Supremacy
"He didn't recognize me, at the end." —Jolyon Till the Rachis
Not a thought was given, but a life was taken.
Volta Bracket
The thousandth trigger pull is as smooth as the first.
Blood Feud
Thicker than water.
Forensic Nightmare
We got a thousand bullets and only 999 casings. Find the odd one out.
Rapacious Appetite
Hunt, feed, hunt again.
Shape: Devotion
There is the sea. Who can drain it dry?
Abyss Defiant
We will not go quietly.
Abyss Defiant (Adept)
We will not go quietly.
Age-Old Bond
Symbiosis. Not predation. Never predation, o wary one mine.
Ammit AR2
Dying edge dual-chamber stabilization matrix technology makes this the most balanced Auto Rifle that...
Come to Pass
Always be mindful of the repeat offender.
Sweet Sorrow
A scratched-out inscription on the barrel reads, "A birthday is just a number. How about we pick thi...
By day the frolic, and the dance by night.
Tripwire Canary
"Luna is in danger." —SOC5 Team Leader
Tyranny of Heaven
It was She that inspired me to imagine your destruction, o jailer mine.
Under Your Skin
The splinter you just can't remove.
Iterative Loop
An antique from Neomuna's founding, given new life.
Likely Suspect
Don't wrack your brain. The guilty party is usually the one holding the smoking gun.
Midha's Reckoning
"I see now that everything dies. Even… even memory." —Midha, Consort of Stars
Royal Executioner
"I get dirty so my queen doesn't have to. Sometimes it's a sacrifice… but most times, I enjoy it." —...
Techeun Force
Sworn into faithful service to the Queen, the Techeuns of the Reef have long protected the secrets o...
The Epicurean
An Earth artifact, refashioned to suit the Emperor's modest tastes.
The Eremite
Retreat to the mind.
Judgment of Kelgorath
Lubrae's Ruin
Shape: Shattered
Nezarec's Whisper
"Rise, Disciple, and bear this gift with pride." —Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness
The Enigma
A weapon forged from an ancient memory, purpose-built for your hand.
Explosive Personality
Keep your distance from this one.
Shape: Temperance
Prodigal Return
Pain persists in memory.
Subroutine IKELOS: Status=reinitiated.
APOTHEOSIS: Status=active…
Nation of Beasts
I can show you how we were in our prime. You need only ask, o student mine.
If only you could see yourself. But you have no eyes. Not the dimmest sense survives…
A single word is etched inside the barrel: "Anastasia-1."
Targeted Redaction
"Who?" —Osiris
Word of Crota
There was life, and He spoke unto it; and it was silent, and lived no more.
Word of Crota (Adept)
There was life, and He spoke unto it; and it was silent, and lived no more.
Zaouli's Bane
"Go, child! Run! Don't look back! Don't—"
"So... you think you can kill a god?" —Ghost
BxR-55 Battler
A treasured competition piece from a bygone era.
Shape: Deception
Oversoul Edict
The light of the will of Crota shines down like a vast and inverse sun.
Oversoul Edict (Adept)
The light of the will of Crota shines down like a vast and inverse sun.
Phyllotactic Spiral
"'Commissioned by Aeronautics of China'… if it's lasted this long, it'll last you a bit longer." —Qu...
Scalar Potential
There's power in perspective.