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Refugee Mask
Keep your wits about you. They're all you have left.
Scorched Hunter Mask
The galaxy feels smaller now. It's not a pleasant feeling.
Wastelander Mask
The wilds are your home. Let your instincts guide you.
Daring Hunter Grips
All you need is a good gun and a fast ride.
Refugee Gloves
The Hunter has become the hunted.
Scorched Hunter Grips
These grips were much more useful with the Traveler's Light.
Wastelander Wraps
Let the thrill of the hunt drive you. That, and fear of extinction.
Chest Armor
Daring Hunter Vest
"Rules are for Titans and Warlocks. Hunters? Not so much." —Cayde-6, Hunter...
Refugee Vest
Well, you've looked better. But hey, you've looked worse.
Scorched Hunter Vest
Every journey has its ups and downs. That's what you keep telling yourself,...
Wastelander Vest
Hunters are born survivors.
Daring Hunter Strides
A Hunter's bootprints mark the outer edges of the known galaxy.
Leg Armor
Refugee Boots
Keep it moving. Swift of foot and long of stride.
Scorched Hunter Strides
Survival now depends on your ability to outrun the enemy.
Wastelander Boots
Strong legs are a Hunter's best asset. That, and high-velocity ammo.
Daring Hunter Cloak
Flip a coin. Heads, the Hunter wins. Tails, the other guy loses.
Dreamer's Cloak
"Without Light to sustain it, this body of mine cannot make the pilgrimage ...
Hunter Cloak
Refugee Cloak
Time to embrace humbleness.
Renegade Hood
The City never defined you. Make your own path.
Scorched Hunter Cloak
Before, you wouldn't have been caught dead with a tattered cloak. But that ...
Aspirant Helm
Shed all you know. Seek answers beyond the Light.
Damaged Warlock Hood
A good hood keeps you focused. This one targets nothing but loss.
Refugee Helm
Adapt or die. It's a core truth of the universe.
Wise Warlock Hood
Your greatest weapon is your mind.
Aspirant Gloves
Truth is always within reach.
Damaged Warlock Gloves
You've got nothing up your sleeve. Anymore.
Refugee Gloves
The quest for answers drives you onward.
Wise Warlock Gloves
Your arsenal consists not just of guns and grenades—but of the universe's s...
Aspirant Robes
Wrap yourself in nothing more than cloth and find the power within.
Chest Armor
Damaged Warlock Robe
Thin are the raiments that do not bathe in the Light of the Traveler.
Refugee Vest
None of your books ever said anything about this.
Wise Warlock Robes
Warrior. Scholar. Warlocks are both.
Aspirant Boots
Go now. Answers await.
Damaged Warlock Boots
You have never felt so far away from the stars.
Leg Armor
Refugee Boots
Don't be afraid to lose your way. Sometimes that's the only way to get wher...
Wise Warlock Boots
Reality exists at your pleasure.
Bond of Insight
Wander until you find the Light or the Light finds you.
Bond of Refuge
All you have left is your mind. And, all things considered, that's not too ...
Dreamer's Bond
"Without Light to sustain it, this body of mine cannot make the pilgrimage ...
Shattered Warlock Bond
A shattered bond marks a broken promise.
Warlock Bond
Wise Warlock Bond
"If you dedicate yourself to the study of the universe, it will always reve...