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Solstice Bond (Rekindled)
Complete the Homecoming Redux mission, defeat enemies with Solar Power weap...
Stagnatious Rebuke
Do not be satisfied with the here and now, for here is simply a new beginni...
Stagnatious Rebuke
Do not be satisfied with the here and now, for here is simply a new beginni...
Unethical Experiments Bond
"I've seen experiments like this before. My crew.... I don't want to talk a...
Atgeir 2T1
Vengeance may lead a good Titan from law down into fire.
Fieldplate Type 10
Fancy armor incorporates shock-absorbent padding. This ramshackle plate sur...
Firebreak Field
Firebreak Titans once fought to draw the battle away from home. Now home IS...
Fortress Field
The Jaisalmer pattern in this helmet carries redundant transmitters, in cas...
Solstice Helm (Scorched)
Complete the Spark Redux mission, collect Arc orbs, and defeat Guardians in...
Atgeir 2T1
If flexed at full strength, this gauntlet would tear itself asunder.
Fieldplate Type 10
When the Light was taken away, Vijaya Jain started crafting fieldplate. Lot...
Firebreak Field
To their shame, most of the wide-scattered Firebreak Order survived the Cit...
Fortress Field
"I see the first thing Titans rediscovered was the construction of huge sho...
Solstice Gauntlets (Scorched)
Complete the Homecoming Redux mission, collect Solar orbs in strikes, and c...
Atgeir 2T1
The plate's surface snaps into alignment when battle is near.
Fieldplate Type 10
It'll take more than this to kill us.
Firebreak Field
We should never have let ourselves be cornered. We could have dispersed cen...
Fortress Field
The Stoneborn, protectors of the City's walls, fell with the City. In memor...
Solstice Plate (Scorched)
Complete the Chosen Redux mission, collect Void orbs on Earth, and complete...
Atgeir 2T1
The legendary Njall let himself be burned rather than abandon his home.
Fieldplate Type 10
"Is it great armor? No. But at least there's plenty to go around." —Vijaya ...
Firebreak Field
Walls were never enough to guard us. We needed to strike first.
Fortress Field
I remember saying I was bored of the view from the Tower. I wish I'd shut m...
Solstice Greaves (Scorched)
Complete the 1AU Redux mission, get Super kills in the Crucible, and defeat...
Atgeir Mark
In wars of ancient myth, the fire of great birds guarded the warriors below...
Mark of the Fire
Callisto Yin carried the Fire Victorious out of the City on her burning mar...
Mark of the Golden Citadel
"Titans are trained to be a wall. But perhaps we must train ourselves to be...
Mark of the Longest Line
Titan orders mark time in ages of battle. This was the twelfth—until the Ca...
Solstice Mark (Scorched)
Complete the Payback Redux mission, collect Void orbs, and complete patrols...
Kit Fox 1.5
Who was Kit Ali Ameir? How did she draw images of Cabal a century before fi...
Makeshift Suit
There are some helmets that will change your tactics forever. This is just ...
Mechanik 1.2
Hunters found the bounty board in London's ruins. They took every target, e...
Scavenger Suit
For ages, Guardians have visited new lands, seen the sights, and ransacked ...
Solstice Mask (Scorched)
Complete the Spark Redux mission, collect Solar orbs on Earth, and defeat G...
Kit Fox 2.1
Before the fight, prepare. In the fight, improvise. After the fight? Exagge...
Makeshift Suit
When you pick up strange new firearms every day, sturdy gloves are a must.
Mechanik 1.1
"The old debts don't matter anymore. We've got a bigger score to settle." —...
Scavenger Suit
"No, no, Guardians don't steal. We just… clean up after ourselves." —Kit Al...
Solstice Grasps (Scorched)
Complete the Homecoming Redux mission, collect Arc orbs, and complete a med...
Kit Fox 1.4
Finders, keepers.
Makeshift Suit
Hunters pooled their scavenged gear to build new field suits.
Mechanik 2.1
Alone or in packs, Hunters scour worlds for the most dangerous and prestigi...
Scavenger Suit
Some Hunters will offer you hope. Others just know how to track fresh water...
Solstice Vest (Scorched)
Complete the Chosen Redux mission, collect Arc orbs in strikes, and complet...
Kit Fox 1.1
"It's not prophecy. Prophecy is for warlocks and windbiters. I call it... s...
Makeshift Suit
The Makeshift Suit design is simple, flexible, and easy to encrypt into an ...
Mechanik 1.1
"Get out of here, stalker." — Traditional farewell in the Appalachian Dead ...
Scavenger Suit
When the City fell, humanity went into exile. Except the Hunters. They went...
Solstice Strides (Scorched)
Complete the 1AU Redux mission, collect Void orbs, and defeat minibosses.
At Least It's a Cape
Guardians have a range of skills, but—clearly—Hunters are the most… capable...