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Iron Truage Helm
When the Last City was just a patchwork of campfires, the Iron Lords stood guard.
Kairos Function Helm
"Future War Cult has an artifact they call 'The Device' which may be Vex in origin." —Sister Faora, ...
Kerak Type 2
They look to you for inspiration. Be brave.
Lost Pacific Helm
"I need more data. And… put the lab on yellow alert." —Dr. Shanice Pell
Lustrous Chromite Helm
When the horns point in their direction, they're already defeated.
Mask of Nohr
"I'm a Valus before I'm a 'Shadow.' But Calus is the empire's last, best hope. His plan is my plan."...
Mask of Rull
“My planet was dead. The sky poisoned by war with an extrasolar enemy in a war that continued to rag...
Midnight Exigent Helm
Mimetic Savior Helm
She found them in Juno Chasma. A base—no, an exhibit. The humans didn't know they were in cages.
Noble Constant Type 2
Take pride in your duty.
Notorious Collector Helm
You value risk. You crave reward.
Notorious Invader Helm
You pride yourself on your ability to kill.
Notorious Reaper Helm
You crave risk. You value reward.
Notorious Sentry Helm
You pride yourself on your ability to protect.
Omega Mechanos Helm
"The Vex don't really want to kill you. It's just that one of the by-products of conversion is death...
Outlawed Collector Helm
You value risk. You crave reward.
Outlawed Invader Helm
You pride yourself on your ability to kill.
Outlawed Reaper Helm
You crave risk. You value reward.
Outlawed Sentry Helm
You pride yourself on your ability to protect.
Phoenix Strife Type 0
"The greatest compliment you can pay in the Crucible is to fight with everything you've got." —Lord ...
Prodigal Helm
"There's a new player over on the Shore. He calls himself 'Crow.' As if trying to rub our prince's d...
Retro-Grade TG2
Post-Collapse prototype extra-atmospheric combat armor. Scratched inside: "It'll think for ya."
Reverie Dawn Helm
"I've learned not to be ashamed of the fear. It's to be expected, given what we are." —Pavel Nolg
Scatterhorn Helm
"Since the Scatter, nowhere in the Reef felt like home. Before I knew it, I found myself on the Shor...
Simulator Helm
"The face of war continues to change. In this timeline, Cabal. In another, Vex. And in this other on...
Solstice Helm (Resplendent)
Complete the Nightfall Prestige at or above the bonus threshold.
Sovereign Helm
"To serve as an Executor is to stand as a pillar of the City. Hold your head high." —Laws of the Exe...
Star-Crossed Helm
"I said 'use your head!' and then she… well, I think you get it." —Pahanin
Sunbreak Helm
Tangled Web Helm
"I was at the Final Attempt. I saw a Guardian wield a gun that left molten gold in her wake. I ran a...
Terra Concord Helm
"The shining halls of peace have been torn down and turned into the battered plate of war."
The Shelter in Place
"Where is your home? That is where you will fight the hardest." —Zavala
Torobatl Celebration Mask
Strange treasures wash up on the Shore.
Turris Shade Helm
"You have truly grown fat from strength. Magnificent." —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal
Vernal Growth Helm
Train humility.
Each piece of event armor enhances the Good Moods effect during the 2019 Revelry.
Vigil of Heroes
"Logic says we must accept it. Emotion says we will never truly accept it." —Ikora Rey
Wildwood Helm
"I love the City. But I don't want to go back. I want to bring the City to the EDZ." —Devrim Kay
Wing Discipline
"Don't think about it as improving yourself. Think about it as improving each other." —Lord Shaxx
Winterhart Helm
"We are the last city of Humans. We greet each new year with joy and thanksgiving." —Tyra Karn
Ancient Apocalypse Gauntlets
"Sometimes the difference between survival and eradication is just pure, simple stubbornness." —The ...
Annihilating Guard
"For the Light who exercises brute force to win an exchange." —Emissary of the Nine
Anti-Extinction Gauntlets
"The instinct to migrate comes to many at once, without warning. Unlike birds, we must make preparat...
Arms of Optimacy
You hold the means to control worlds.
BrayTech Thermal Grips
"You think this is cold? You have no idea."
Bulletsmith's Ire Gauntlets
"We have an opportunity to change the world. The Black Armory has tools and solutions nobody else is...
Crushing Guard
"For one who seeks to reach out... and destroy." —Emissary of the Nine
Devastation Complex
"Hold tight to all that remains. It is fleeting, but doesn't have to be." —The Speaker
Dragonfly Regalia Gauntlets
In the City, dragonflies are a symbol of hope and beauty.
Exodus Down Gauntlets
"Captain, the orbit of 7066 Nessus is different from what Cosmodrome calculated." —Flight Officer Sa...
Forged Machinist Gauntlets
"Humanity can only rely upon itself in these dire times." —Ada-1