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Shadow Specter
Light as the breeze that carries the day.
Solstice Cloak (Rekindled)
Complete the Homecoming Redux mission, defeat enemies with Arc Supers, and complete challenges.
Solstice Cloak (Renewed)
Complete patrols in the EDZ, collect Elemental Orbs of any type in the European Aerial Zone, and def...
The Outlander's Cloak
…hides the sins of days forgotten and those yet to come.
The Outlander's Cloak
…hides the sins of days forgotten and those yet to come.
Unethical Experiments Cloak
"I've seen experiments like this before. My crew.... I don't want to talk about it." —Failsafe
War Mantis Cloak
"…and that's how we mapped the entire Cabal warnet by shredding the dance floor." —Unknown
War Mantis Cloak
"…and that's how we mapped the entire Cabal warnet by shredding the dance floor." —Unknown
Kit Fox 1.5
Who was Kit Ali Ameir? How did she draw images of Cabal a century before first contact?
Makeshift Suit
There are some helmets that will change your tactics forever. This is just a helmet.
Mechanik 1.2
Hunters found the bounty board in London's ruins. They took every target, even without pay.
Scavenger Suit
For ages, Guardians have visited new lands, seen the sights, and ransacked them for loot.
Solstice Mask (Drained)
Complete runs through the European Aerial Zone, land precision final blows, and defeat Fallen combat...
Solstice Mask (Scorched)
Complete the Spark Redux mission, collect Solar orbs on Earth, and defeat Guardians in the Crucible....
Kit Fox 2.1
Before the fight, prepare. In the fight, improvise. After the fight? Exaggerate.
Makeshift Suit
When you pick up strange new firearms every day, sturdy gloves are a must.
Mechanik 1.1
"The old debts don't matter anymore. We've got a bigger score to settle." —Shiro-4
Scavenger Suit
"No, no, Guardians don't steal. We just… clean up after ourselves." —Kit Ali Ameir
Solstice Grasps (Drained)
Complete playlist strikes, collect Solar orbs in Gambit, and unlock Solstice Packages.
Solstice Grasps (Scorched)
Complete the Homecoming Redux mission, collect Arc orbs, and complete a meditation for Ikora.
Kit Fox 1.4
Finders, keepers.
Makeshift Suit
Hunters pooled their scavenged gear to build new field suits.
Mechanik 2.1
Alone or in packs, Hunters scour worlds for the most dangerous and prestigious game.
Scavenger Suit
Some Hunters will offer you hope. Others just know how to track fresh water.
Solstice Vest (Drained)
Loot chests in the European Aerial Zone, collect Elemental Orbs of any type in any activity, and def...
Solstice Vest (Scorched)
Complete the Chosen Redux mission, collect Arc orbs in strikes, and complete Heroic public events.
Kit Fox 1.1
"It's not prophecy. Prophecy is for warlocks and windbiters. I call it... seeing at a distance." —Ki...
Makeshift Suit
The Makeshift Suit design is simple, flexible, and easy to encrypt into an engram for easy storage.
Mechanik 1.1
"Get out of here, stalker." — Traditional farewell in the Appalachian Dead Zone
Scavenger Suit
When the City fell, humanity went into exile. Except the Hunters. They went home.
Solstice Strides (Drained)
Complete public events on Nessus, complete Solstice of Heroes bounties, and defeat opposing Guardian...
Solstice Strides (Scorched)
Complete the 1AU Redux mission, collect Void orbs, and defeat minibosses.
At Least It's a Cape
Guardians have a range of skills, but—clearly—Hunters are the most… capable.
Hood of Tallies
"Don't notch your cloak for every bounty. You'll run out of cloak." —Marcus Ren
Scavenger Cloak
Feel free to offer it for bandages and tourniquets.
Sly Cloak
You've got to choose when to be a lion and when to be a fox. Friend, these are fox days.
Solstice Cloak (Drained)
Complete adventures, collect Arc orbs in any strike, and complete Crucible or Gambit matches.
Solstice Cloak (Scorched)
Complete the Payback Redux mission, get Super kills in the Crucible, and complete patrols.
Daring Hunter Mask
Go forth, wanderer. Enjoy the journey.
Refugee Mask
Keep your wits about you. They're all you have left.
Scorched Hunter Mask
The galaxy feels smaller now. It's not a pleasant feeling.
Wastelander Mask
The wilds are your home. Let your instincts guide you.
Daring Hunter Grips
All you need is a good gun and a fast ride.
Refugee Gloves
The Hunter has become the hunted.
Scorched Hunter Grips
These grips were much more useful with the Traveler's Light.
Wastelander Wraps
Let the thrill of the hunt drive you. That, and fear of extinction.
Chest Armor
Daring Hunter Vest
"Rules are for Titans and Warlocks. Hunters? Not so much." —Cayde-6, Hunter Vanguard