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A History of Starlight
Before Tyra Karn settled in the Iron Temple, her second home was among the stars.
A Thousand Wings
Extinguish the stars. Devour the planets. Soar through a universe of utter dark.
Ada-1's Lone Wolf
"It's an old-fashioned oxymoron. There is no such thing. But, you must admit, there is something cha...
Aerial Shroud
A reminder of our mortality, streaking through the cosmos.
Aeshnidae Fixed-Wing
Now high. Now low.
Aeviternal XXII
A remarkably preserved Golden Age pattern recovered from the excavation in Hellas Basin.
"The Dawning welcomes everyone." —Eva Levante
Arrow of Time
We must continue to move forward, even if it means aiming backward.
Asher Mir's One-Way Ticket
"It is possible to mathematically predict the cadence of death and resurrection in every firefight, ...
Atlas Hauler
We all carry heavy burdens. Don't carry yours alone.
Bayle's Aerodyne
"I believe the Cabal are a more credible threat to humanity's continued existence than any other cur...
Black Peregrine
I am the needle that threads the fabric of time.
Callisto Lancer
Pierce the sky.
Canopus Wing
People used to look up and see the shimmer of the stars. Now they see only the darkness between them...
Celestial Kestrel
The brightest constellation is that of Guardians standing together in the dark.
Cerulean Flash
Some years, the Dawning comes faster than anyone expects.
In time, small wedges cleave the hardest oak.
Out of the grass. Into the sky.
"And of course, the siphuncle is essential. Heh. Siphuncle. What a great word." —Pahanin Errata
Death to Kells
What is a Kell to a Spider?
Ego and Squid
Pahanin was a Hunter, satirist, travel writer, and renowned cephalopod enthusiast.
Eriana's Vengeance
"Wei… I will see you again. But first… I have work to do." —Eriana-3, before entering the Hellmouth
Estival Excursion
Returning home is never as fast as you want it to be.
Gigantes Carrier
"I want this whale stuffed to the gills. Cargo bays, electrical panels, latrines; load it up!" —The ...
Glad Tidings
"This may be the 'Last Safe City,' but we've still gotta look out for each other." —Suraya Hawthorne
Halcyon Corvette
"Mars, Venus… this is all just the beginning. The stars are out there, kiddo, waiting for us."
Heavenly Lance
"That anger, the need for vengeance… it'll consume you if you let it." —Shaw Han
High Gravitas
"That's a clean-looking ride, Guardian. How about we get her scuffed up a little?" —Amanda Holliday
Holborn's Splint
This craft saw some strange action on Phobos, both planned and… otherwise.
Home Away
We celebrate the Dawning no matter what's under our feet.
Ikora's Resolve
"I'd tell my younger self, 'There will be plenty of time to settle down. For now, enjoy the ride.'" ...
Infected Seeker
By the time you've seen it, it's already too late.
Kabr's Glass Aegis
Kabr stopped them in the Vault of Glass, but what did he start?
Better get cracking.
Last Flight Home
From out here, home seems very far away.
Lost Legend
A BrayTech Model X-JY5438 (refurbished).
Metropolitan Frigate
"The City is more than safe harbor. It is a home. To understand the difference is to know why we mus...
Nephilim Toaster
One rung closer to heaven.
Never Live It Down
"You think I can't fly a ship into the Black Garden?" —Yardarm-4, Titan of the Kentarch 3
NS81 Reprisal Sprint
"Hey, hey, don't give up! Everything you ever wanted's on the other side of tomorrow." —Cayde-6
Obsidian Wings
"For the day we're free." —Lord Felwinter
"Kinsmen to kinsmen should be true." —The Saga of Olaf Haraldson
An experimental submersible designed for ad-hoc miniaturization. No successful trials to date, owing...
Quality Cut
"Fate is a scythe." —Idil Abdi
Queen of Hearts
"She wore hers on her sleeve. Had mine in the palm of her hand." —Cayde-6
Radiant Accipiter
A paracausal ship. That's a new one. No navigation system, no controls, no computer on account of it...
Refashioned Shapes
"Recovery is a spiral, not a circle. You may return to the same patterns, but you will break free." ...
Rimskipper Sling
"They say you can't catch the horizon. Maybe we haven't gone far enough yet." —Tenet-2
Rose and Bone
In his strong hand the man held a Rose. And his aura burned bright.
Sails of Osiris
"When eyes are clear, justice need not be blind." —Fractal Scrolls