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MIDA Multi-Tool
Select application: Ballistic engagement. Entrenching tool. Avionics trawl. Troll smasher. Stellar s...
The Jade Rabbit
"What kind of harebrained scheme have you got in mind this time?"
Polaris Lance
"I've forgotten so much of my past life, of my family. But when I hold this rifle, everything feels ...
Skyburner's Oath
The inscription, written in a Cabal dialect, reads: "Victory or death!"
"Duality is not a curse, but a gift." —Author unknown
Call to Serve
"We have to do more than ask for help, Suraya. We have to give them something to believe in."
Does Not Compute
The engineers aren't ready for us.
Does Not Compute
The engineers aren't ready for us.
Frontier Justice
"…and after that, there will be time for questions."
Garden Progeny 1
Two siblings cleaved by time and space, reflections never found alone,
The ending of the eldritch ra...
Good Counsel IX
"Surround yourself with wise advisors." —Executor Hideo
Haunted Earth
"Those we've lost still linger in every place we look. Earth is no place for the living." —Arach Jal...
"We must stop the weavers before they seal the Garden and begin to summon back its heart." —Ikora Re...
Nameless Midnight
Strange things wake at the stroke of twelve.
Nameless Midnight
Strange things wake at the stroke of twelve.
Niflheim Frost
The chill you feel is death.
Night Watch
Sleep with both eyes open.
Patron of Lost Causes
There is a rough engraving on its side: "In Memoriam."
"You have not yet found your purpose. But it has found you." —Emissary of the Nine
Randy's Throwing Knife
"On me, team; I'm capturing the third point!" —Randy, upon receiving orders not to
Song of Justice VI
"Justice must be true, swift, and utterly impartial." —Executor Hideo
Talons of the Eagle
"She soared above the battle and dove in the blink of an eye. If they were still alive, they were th...
The long wait is over.
The Dream
"I dream of a world prepared to fight for its existence." —Lakshmi-2
The Guiding Sight
Forged in honor of Efrideet, and all that inspires.
The Scholar
You can't pull an all-nighter when the sun never sets.
Desire becomes reality, o wishbringer mine.
Wrong Side of Right
The right thing, for the wrong reasons.
Adverse Possession IX
Open and hostile and ready.
Black Scorpion-4sr
I attack from the shadows. I never miss.
Black Scorpion-4sr
I attack from the shadows. I never miss.
BrayTech RWP Mk. II
"Stress feedback tests proved successful. We have a solid production-line model on our hands."
—A. B...
Calusea Noblesse
"A Reefborn long rifle, rewritten with Hive voices to arm Gahlran the failed. Now yours." —Emperor C...
Did Ghaul always dream of a republic? What terrible worm burrowed into his heart that he would betra...
Contingency Plan
"The Traveler is an illusion. A false god. It will not save us. But this might." —Arach Jalaal
Distant Relation
"I like to keep my enemies where they can't reach me. I can always find a way to get to them if I ha...
Eternal Blazon
"But this eternal blazon must not be to ears of flesh and blood."
Frostmire's Hex
"She loved nothing more than a good blizzard." —Lord Saladin
Manannan SR4
Escort your foes to their defeat.
SUROS invites you to keep it steady.
Motion to Compel
"Take the long view."
No Feelings
Lose yourself in the moment.
Oxygen SR3
Fight on. You're still breathing.
Pleiades Corrector
"No, I don't think I'll tell you what it's for. That would be too easy." —Lakshmi-2
There's a rhythm to it.
SUROS invites you to be passionate.
Tango-45 XK5094
A Black Armory experimental prototype.
The Cut and Run
"How do you think we got here?" —Avrok, trans. from Eliksni
The End
"Show them that safe harbor is very far away." —Emissary of the Nine
Tone Patrol
We are listening and watching.