DUMMY ITEM #1100504134

Legendary / Hunter / Head / Helmet

Classified Item

Bungie has the ability to expose information in the API that, for whatever reason, is not yet ready to be seen. We call these items "classified".

Sometimes classified items eventually are revealed to be real, in-game items. However, they are usually just junk data that made it into the API that isn't intended to be seen.

We include these items in the database solely to provide a complete view of what is in the API files. You should not take the presence of this item as a guarantee of something coming in a future update or attempt to analyze its presence too deeply. Doing so likely will only lead to disappointment.

This item is categorized as classified because:

  • It had no name in the API files.
  • It was marked as a dummy item in the API files.

Special Perks

Mobile Hunter Armor

Mobile Hunter Armor

Improved mobility.

Curated Roll

Not all curated rolls actually drop in-game. Learn more


"Let the outside mirror what is found on the inside."

Qiao Supplemental
Qiao's Journal
Path to Ares: 18 Days to Launch

Mihaylova and Evie continue to have conflict that is completely unnecessary. It puts a strain on the Clubhouse. I know Jacob is trying to get a handle on it.

The latest is this ridiculous argument about the subroutines of the AI code. Evie wants to get a look at all of Mihaylova's code to make sure it takes into account the gravity measurements she's making to plot the possible movements of the Traveler.

Traveler—yes. Such a perfect name! Go Evie!

Anyway, Mihaylova simply refuses to unlock all of her code. Not outright, of course, she just deflects, underdelivers, won't let Evie into the whole thing.

I'm not interested in this conflict. I have my own ways of unlocking every piece of code in the onboard systems. So I gave Evie access.

I mentioned it afterwards to Mihaylova, and I expected her to react badly—but of course things don't always work out the way you expect. She got very quiet and said, "Well, Qiao. What's done is done."

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