Exotic / Ghost Shell

For Ghosts who read the lines.

Source: War Table Reputation Reset

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Tech Witch Shell

For Ghosts who read the lines.

"So, Misraaks," Mara said, sliding a teacup to the Kell, "you named your daughter Eido."

Mithrax gave a low, considered rumble in response. He held the teacup precariously between the points of his claws. He had unmasked and was trying, indelicately, to drink it. Mara appreciated the attempt.

"To my mind, we never discussed it," Mara said.

"No," he answered. "But there was no other name to give."

Mara silently waited for him to continue. The Kell was pensive, his four eyes cast down.

"The first Queen's Wrath was tall and proud and beloved. Sjur Eido saved my life. Saved me from the House of Devils. From myself. But most of all, she also gave me—"

He paused.

"I believe the Human word is 'dignity.'"

Mara smiled wistfully behind her cup, remembering Sjur's poignant irreverence, always unannounced, candid yet cheerful.

"And what has your daughter given you in return for such a namesake?" Mara asked, placing the cup on its saucer. Mithrax closed his eyes.


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