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Classified Item

Bungie has the ability to expose information in the API that, for whatever reason, is not yet ready to be seen. We call these items "classified".

Sometimes classified items eventually are revealed to be real, in-game items. However, they are usually just junk data that made it into the API that isn't intended to be seen.

We include these items in the database solely to provide a complete view of what is in the API files. You should not take the presence of this item as a guarantee of something coming in a future update or attempt to analyze its presence too deeply. Doing so likely will only lead to disappointment.

This item is categorized as classified because:

  • It was marked as a dummy item in the API files.


The Drowned Captain – 5

"Father, you one served the House of Dusk alongside Phyzann, the Drowned Captain, did you not?" Eido kept her tone casual.

"His reputation was known by all," Mithrax replied cautiously.

"The odes say he was a ferocious warrior," Eido prompted, "who killed many Cabal. They speak of his bravery."

Mithrax fidgeted silently with the regulator on his Ether rebreather.

"Was it not so?" she insisted.

"Phyzann was incompetent," Mithrax grumbled. "He once blew a hole in the side of his own Ketch attempting the Rite of Six Hands with a live grenade. He was a buffoon."

"Yet the odes—"

"Odes are for hatchlings!" Mithrax replied, more forcefully than intended. "They make glory of desperation, and bravery of ignorance."

"As a Scribe," he continued more calmly, "you must learn to see the truth in such wishful thoughts."

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