Exotic / Titan / Arms / Gauntlets

"Have you ever stared into the green soulfire flame? There is terror, but also… something warm."
—Eris Morn

Source: Exotic engrams; extremely rare world drops.

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Wormgod Caress
Added in Season 3

Exotic Perks

Burning Fists

Burning Fists

Defeating a target with melee or a finisher grants escalating melee damage, which decays over time. Higher levels of Burning Fists grant increased weapon damage.

Community Research

Finisher and (Glaive) Melee Kills grant a Stack of Burning Fists up to the maximum of 5 Stacks.

After not having scored further Finisher or (Glaive) Melee Kills for 2 seconds, your Stacks start decaying one at a time over 9.5|10|4|4|3 seconds for the 1st|2nd|... Stacks.

Damage Increases at 1|2|3|4|5 Stacks:
• Melee: 55%|110%|165%|220%|275%
• Glaive Melee: 40%|80%|120%|160%|200%
• Weapon\\PVE : 0%|20%|25%|30%|35%
• Weapon\\PVP : 0%|0%|20%|25%|25%

Weapon Damage Increases are Empowering Buffs .
Last Updated 2023-12-08

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Wormgod Caress

"Have you ever stared into the green soulfire flame? There is terror, but also… something warm." —Eris Morn


He stood before his gods, humbled.

An audacious gesture, to seek the deepest knowledge. To know the unknowable, the origin of all things.

The worms turned, rejecting the disowned son. All but one.

"In you, I see myself."

Xol, the Will of the Thousands. Lesser than his kin, but full of dark wisdom.

"You seek power? I will give you power beyond measure. The power of life renewed."

The glow of soulfire in his eyes, Nokris bowed before the worm. In his fire, he felt embrace. He felt home.

"Do you pledge yourself to me? Will you accept my unholy power?"

Nokris nodded and smiled.

He replied, "Yes, my lord. And together, we will take the stars."

Xol was pleased.

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