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Let's Go Not Now



Reroll the bonus provided by this Masterwork.

"Our enemies think themselves gods and kings. Show them the error of their ...
My smile is full of blades.
Eternity's Edge
"A sword is a wand that casts two spells: parry and cut." —Tarsem Sauer
BrayTech Winter Wolf
The leader of the pack endures through the harshest conditions.
Duty Bound
"Due respect, Commander? I was there when the Hive found us on Earth. I was...
Foregone Conclusion
This ending was inevitable.
Ghost Primus
The Ghost Primus was strong because of his disfigurement, not in spite of i...
Guiding Star
"We will make a new home out among the stars, and then we will know peace. ...
Your name will ring out, your deeds will resound forever.
Loquitor IV
The rifle speaks for itself.
Origin Story
Your inciting incident is their tragic ending.
Orimund's Anvil
"He was the first to forge arms for the Iron Banner." —Lord Saladin
Our eyes squinted, our teeth clenched, our prayers answered.
The Doubt
"Do not fear your doubts. Fight your doubts. Honor them as you would honor ...
The Forward Path
Forged in honor of Weyloran, and roads yet traveled.
The Last Breath
"All things end." —Emissary of the Nine
The lumbering beast stands ready to fight.
Bad News
Sit down. We need to talk.
Better Devils
Angels can't help you here.
Crimil's Dagger
"She only wanted to help. I know that now." —Lord Saladin
"Osiris said that he started to pity the Red Legion, getting trapped in her...
Dire Promise
"If you think this world ends well, you are mistaken." —Arach Jalaal
Home for the Lost
"I didn't expect to like it here. But the EDZ is growing on me." —Devrim Ka...
"The greatest threat to a Guardian is another Guardian." —Emissary of the N...
Living Memory
"Do you ever wonder who you were, before?"
Midnight Coup
The conspirators were too afraid to kill me—rightly so. I am the beloved fa...
Adventure is in your blood.
Service Revolver
To Serve and Protect.
The Old Fashioned
This is the way things were.
The Steady Hand
Forged in honor of Perun, and a just and unwavering resolve.
True Prophecy
"Some claim to know the future better than we do. Listen carefully. Then as...
West of Sunfall 7
A spark of knowledge with each fall, the purpose of the endless youth.
No l...
Autumn Wind
"I am the autumnal sun,
With autumn gales my race is run."
Battle Scar
"Do not concern yourself with how many horns I bear." —Lord Shaxx
Disrespectful Stare
Don't you look at me that way!
Eternal Slumber
"The night sky closes in. We should not be here when the final star fades."...
We guarantee a fair trial.
Legal Action II
It's time to file a complaint.
Lincoln Green
The survivors of that day chose not to remember.
Machina Dei 4
A charnel but effulgent orb—beacon in a loathsome dark—
Fêted, fetid corpse...
Magnum Shepherd
Bring magnificent and glorious battle.
Three drops is all it takes.
Redrix's Claymore
"On the ladder and in the fight, momentum is the answer."
"Embrace your fate." —Emissary of the Nine
The Marine
Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
The Time-Worn Spire
Forged in honor of Silimar, and persistence in the face of impossible odds.
Three Graves
"No need to dig too deep. Our slumber will not be disturbed." —Arach Jalaal
Call to Serve
"We have to do more than ask for help, Suraya. We have to give them somethi...
Does Not Compute
The engineers aren't ready for us.
Frontier Justice
"…and after that, there will be time for questions."
Garden Progeny 1
Two siblings cleaved by time and space, reflections never found alone,
The ...
Good Counsel IX
"Surround yourself with wise advisors." —Executor Hideo
Haunted Earth
"Those we've lost still linger in every place we look. Earth is no place fo...
Nameless Midnight
Strange things wake at the stroke of twelve.
Niflheim Frost
The chill you feel is death.
"You have not yet found your purpose. But it has found you." —Emissary of t...
Song of Justice VI
"Justice must be true, swift, and utterly impartial." —Executor Hideo
The long wait is over.
The Dream
"I dream of a world prepared to fight for its existence." —Lakshmi-2
The Guiding Sight
Forged in honor of Efrideet, and all that inspires.
Defend that which is precious to you.
Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun
"What am I supposed to put here? 'It's a gun. Kill bad guys with it.'" —Sur...
Perfect Paradox
A tale that's different from the rest: the thread unfurls against the clock...
Allied Demand
Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they ple...
Make yourself dreadful to your enemies and indispensable to your allies.
Controlling Vision
"Once you see how the balance is tipped against us—once you see doom coming...
Enigma's Draw
"Indeed, I traffic in all kinds of secrets and mysteries. Weapons, as well....
Last of the Legion
“Vex technology on Mercury. Energy on Mars. This system is rich in spoils i...
Minimum Distance
All I need is a little breathing room.
Peace by Consensus
"The Consensus is bigger than the Speaker. Bigger than any of us. It will s...
Spoiler Alert
Someone is going to die.
Vertical Orbit QSm
Which way is up?
Alone as a god
I am the perfect loving god, and all will tremble to know me.
Shepherd's Watch
Nobody talks about the day the Shepherd's staff became the Shepherd's rifle...
Silicon Neuroma
"My future is concurrently irreversible and unknowable. Before it overtakes...
The Frigid Jackal
An ice-cold creature of opportunity.
"Hesitation kills." —Emissary of the Nine
They look to you to save them.
They will tell you that you can't. Don't listen to them.
Let the song of the monarch be heard!
Escape Velocity
"The first step toward truth is to let go of all that we know and hold dear...
Imminent Storm
It's going to get worse before it gets better.
Motion to Suppress
"Present your truths carefully."
Multimach CCX
Friends are as companions on a journey who ought to aid each other to perse...
New City
"That's what I see when I look at the Farm." —Devrim Kay
The Conqueror 2
To Tower comes a war in red; an orphan sounds the empire's call.
Mortal ang...
The Showrunner
Once you have one, you'll wonder how you ever did without.
Dark Decider
The oldest, shortest words—yes and no—are those which require the most thou...
SUROS invites you to kick up your heels.
Hollow Earth
"Do we need another reminder? This world is but a grave." —Arach Jalaal
Jiangshi AR4
You can't outrun the dead.
Kibou AR3
It springs eternal.
Martyr's Make
Remember those who have gone before.
SUROS invites you to serve up your greatest hits.
Null Calamity 9
A sacred eye that speaks in lies—upending futures in its path.
The way befo...
It was a long time coming. But it wasn't the wait. It was the journey.
Positive Outlook
Lead by example.
"All this in service of one purpose. You have their attention. Let us see i...
Restoration VIII
"We need proper tools if we are to rebuild." —Executor Hideo
Solemn Hymn
Stand together and play the song that sounds across the stars.
The Number
"Ah, but which number? Why it and no others?" —Lakshmi-2
Uriel's Gift
Take weapon in hand and fly to victory.
In dark water, my fangs are bared.
Cartesian Coordinate
Where does one end and the other begin?
Conjecture TSc
What waits beyond the horizon?
Critical Sass
A chain reaction of nuclear insolence.
Elatha FR4
The sun shines on both joy and grief.
Erentil FR4
Bring on the sunrise.
Main Ingredient
"Now stir the sauce…"
Nox Echo III
Listen, and you will hear it.
Nox Veneris II
Night comes for us. We are not ready.
Proelium FR3
Make their victory Pyrrhic.
Shock and Awe
Do not fear. Be what others fear.
The Emperor's Envy
The son's ambition will be his undoing.
The Wizened Rebuke
Forged in honor of Skorri, of lessons learned and lessons taught.
Timelines' Vertex
"I give you this, to be sure that we meet again." —Lakshmi-2
Flash and Thunder
Show them the Light.
Orewing's Maul
"They were the first to chart the Cosmodrome's mountains." —Lord Saladin
"If we wish others to accept the grim reality, we must break through every ...
A Cold Sweat
"When the dreams begin, it is already too late." —Emissary of the Nine
Annual Skate
"When the lake used to freeze, people would dance on the ice wearing boots ...
Daedalus Code
Make your own escape.
Finite Impactor
Do not say a little in many words—say a great deal in a few.
Subroutine IKELOS: Status=reinitiated.
APOTHEOSIS: Status=active…
Imset HC4
The City's foes ready themselves for the end.
Jack Queen King 3
An army meets, and stands, and falls. Three nobles wage their hopeless war....
SUROS invites you to join the dance.
Nature of the Beast
Don't let them change you.
Older Sister III
"To protect us, as she once protected me." —Executor Hideo
Shattered Peace
Only you can make it whole again.
The Defiant
"Do not let them distract you from your purpose!" —Lakshmi-2
Agenda 5
Fifth time's a charm.
Agrona PR4
Do not be afraid. Our fate cannot be taken from us. It is a gift.
SUROS invites you to improvise.
Darkest Before
"Persevere, or die in darkness. The choice is yours." —Emissary of the Nine
Heart of Time
"Perhaps it exists. Perhaps it does not. Either we shall find it, or we sha...
SUROS invites you to be spontaneous.
Inaugural Address
My first act as emperor was to send the Consul into the wasteland. The gold...
Infinite Paths 8
They sowed the First, now reap the Last; forever narrows to a line
Where Li...
Jian 7 Rifle
Come, brothers and sisters! Let us make way for the new ruler!
Jorum's Claw
"He was more wolf than Human, we used to say." —Lord Saladin
Last Perdition
Can't outrun the ending.
Nergal PR4
Take arms against the lions of death, the kings of sunset.
Requiem-45: SUROS invites you to honor the dead.
Swift Ride
It'll be over before you know it.
Adverse Possession IX
Open and hostile and ready.
Black Scorpion-4sr
I attack from the shadows. I never miss.
Did Ghaul always dream of a republic? What terrible worm burrowed into his ...
Contingency Plan
"The Traveler is an illusion. A false god. It will not save us. But this mi...
Eternal Blazon
"But this eternal blazon must not be to ears of flesh and blood."
Frostmire's Hex
"She loved nothing more than a good blizzard." —Lord Saladin
Manannan SR4
Escort your foes to their defeat.
SUROS invites you to keep it steady.
Motion to Compel
"Take the long view."
Pleiades Corrector
"No, I don't think I'll tell you what it's for. That would be too easy." —L...
There's a rhythm to it.
SUROS invites you to be passionate.
The End
"Show them that safe harbor is very far away." —Emissary of the Nine
Tone Patrol
We are listening and watching.
Vacuna SR4
A toast to our love for danger. Fear makes victory ever sweeter.
A Sudden Death
"Everything dies. This is proof." —Emissary of the Nine
The miracle worker for close-range ordnance.
Deadpan Delivery
Emphasis on the "dead."
First In, Last Out
"I don't know how it works. You just keep taking damage and keep firing."
Good Bone Structure
This one is a real looker.
Gravity Slingshot
"On the day our ships are ready, the City will see us blast into the sky." ...
Gunnora's Axe
"She taught us all to appreciate a good, sturdy axe." —Lord Saladin
Subroutine IKELOS: Status=reinitiated.
APOTHEOSIS: Status=active…
Motion to Vacate
"Done cannot be undone."
Quitclaim Shotgun III
Ownership rules.
They were so optimistic about us.
Heroes are not born, but made.
The Deicide
"Believe in war, and nothing else." —Lakshmi-2
Unification VII
"To persuade others, we must show that we act in their interests." —Executo...
Blow out all the candles.
Zenith of Your Kind
"Earth has no Shadow. Not yet." —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal
18 Kelvins
A Swift Verdict
“Judgment is final.” —Emissary of the Nine
Dead Man Walking
Before you? I just remember searching. What do you remember from before me?
Since the Collapse, these pistols have been retooled several times to boost...
Eleventh Hour
"We will save and protect anyone who joins Dead Orbit. There is a place on ...
Etana SI4
The reign of Light will be long and peaceful.
Eulogy SI4
We are the eulogy of a lost civilization.
Interregnum XVI
"Until a ruler arises, we act as simple trustees. Protecting. Receiving. Ex...
Last Hope
Remember what you fight for.
Swift Solstice
Time is running short.
The Fool's Remedy
Forged in honor of Nirwen, and the righting of foolish wrongs.
The Last Dance
Save it for me.
The Rattler
You'll never hear me coming.
The Vision
Glory in the damage the right blast can do.
Clock in for work.
Traveler's Judgment 5
A visitor ignites the sky, and in the truth of light it dreams:
Above the d...
I will draw them in, then take them out.
A Single Clap
Hold your applause till the end.
Slender and deadly.
Archimedes Truth
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.
Belfry Bounty
"Making guns helps the hours pass. Especially since Suraya never calls…" —D...
My fangs are bared.
Distant Tumulus
"Who will speak for us when we are gone?" —Arach Jalaal
SUROS invites you to bring about the end.
Eye of Foresight
"To perceive the future from a great distance is both a gift and a promise ...
Gentleman Vagabond
Everyone loves a scoundrel.
Subroutine IKELOS: Status=reinitiated.
APOTHEOSIS: Status=active…
SUROS invites you to lead.
Maxim XI
"Speak briefly and precisely, and what you say will penetrate to the heart....
Occluded Finality
Silence is better than unmeaning words.
"They say you can't reason with these enemies. I dunno—my gun and I seem to...
Show of Force
How far will you go?
The Domino
"Who will be the first to fall?" —Lakshmi-2
The Long Walk
"There is an end to everything." —Emissary of the Nine
The Mornin' Comes
Fix your eye upon the rising sun.
Your victory is foreseen.
Widow's Bite
I will outlive you.
Death Adder
You will not see me coming.
Foggy Notion
"Hard to make it out, just a blur of bullets and fists."
Subroutine IKELOS: Status=reinitiated.
APOTHEOSIS: Status=active…
MIDA Mini-Tool
Select application: Flare gun. Water purifier. Interplanetary Positioning S...
Mob Justice
Life offers few greater pleasures than to humiliate the venal aristocracy b...
Out of Options
"All you really need is two."
Phosphorus MG4
The star in the east, the fire in the dawn.
Radiant Stardust
"We are but dust on a stellar wind." —Arach Jalaal
Red Mamba
My venom is swift.
SUROS invites you to strike a chord.
Royal Dispensation II
"New Monarchy believes in giving generously, like rain in spring." —Executo...
Sol Pariah 6
Amid the endless death one flew—unnatural all-consuming need—
And in the sp...
Stochastic Variable
"However certain we are of our simulations, they always contain an element ...
The Hero's Burden
Forged in honor of Saladin, of all that has been lost and all that remains...
The Quickstep
SUROS invites you pick up the pace.
Your piercing Light knows no limits; your searcher's heart, no bounds.
Berenger's Memory
Take your place among the company of heroes.
They'll never see you coming.
Courageous Surrender
Do not go softly.
I Am Alive
"When the end comes, I reserve the right to be last." —Calus, Emperor of th...
Interference VI
Come between your enemies and their lives.
Memory Interdict
"I have no time for nostalgia. Give me visions of braided futures, brillian...
Let slip the dogs of war.
Play of the Game
Show no mercy.
Sunrise GL4
Do not wait for the sun to rise.
The Day's Fury
Forged in honor of Radegast, and righteous rage born anew.
The Permanent Truth
Always do what is right.
Wicked Sister
The bad influence in the family.
Crooked Fang-4fr
I sink my teeth into my prey.
"I question the wisdom of our current trajectory." —Arach Jalaal
Man o' War
Do not enter my realm and expect to leave unscathed.
No one will escape my web.
Blue Shift
What is the color of the universe?
BrayTech Osprey
Expected Use Timeframe: UNKNOWN.
Broadsword Launcher
Let our monarch's spirit ring out and roar!
SUROS invites you to bring back the classics.
Countess SA/2
A noble commander of the battlefield.
Curtain Call
It's time for the final bow.
Cause a stir.
Your domain is the battlefield. Its ways are your ways.
Mos Epoch III
The perpetual eventually gives way to the variable.
SUROS invites you to light it up.
Pit Launcher
Let everyone fear the gaping maw.
Battle for annihilation.
Shining Sphere
Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light.
Sins of the Past
What once was old shall be new again, and history will have its revenge.
The Button
Jolly. Shiny. Candy-like. Push it.
Overtime will be over soon.
You are the true power on the throne.
Complex Solution
A quantum algorithm, like a sword stroke, must be repeated until the soluti...
Double-Edged Answer
Everything has a cost.
Future Safe 10
See who's robed as if a god, who stands with pride above the rest!
Destroy ...
The way of the warrior is death.
Honor's Edge
"Good leadership requires discernment: the art of finely dividing one subtl...
It Stared Back
At the edge of the universe, I stared into the infinite deep. It stared bac...
Negative Space
See the art in what's subtracted.
Steel Sybil Z-14
"Everything I touch falls apart! I see the fragments on the floor!"
Traitor's Fate
Let the Emperor's gratitude end your foes as swiftly as you have ended his.
Unspoken Promise
The promise is in the point of the blade.
In the cold of winter, we remember that the warm west wind will blow again.
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  "displayProperties": {
    "description": "Reroll the bonus provided by this Masterwork.",
    "name": "Rework Weapon",
    "icon": "/common/destiny2_content/icons/2caeb9d168a070bb0cf8142f5d755df7.jpg",
    "hasIcon": true
  "tooltipNotifications": [],
  "backgroundColor": {
    "colorHash": 0,
    "red": 0,
    "green": 0,
    "blue": 0,
    "alpha": 0
  "itemTypeDisplayName": "",
  "uiItemDisplayStyle": "",
  "itemTypeAndTierDisplayName": "",
  "displaySource": "",
  "tooltipStyle": "vendor_action",
  "action": {
    "verbName": "Dismantle",
    "verbDescription": "",
    "isPositive": true,
    "requiredCooldownSeconds": 0,
    "requiredItems": [],
    "progressionRewards": [],
    "rewardSheetHash": 0,
    "rewardItemHash": 0,
    "rewardSiteHash": 0,
    "requiredCooldownHash": 0,
    "deleteOnAction": true,
    "consumeEntireStack": false,
    "useOnAcquire": false
  "inventory": {
    "maxStackSize": 250,
    "bucketTypeHash": 3313201758,
    "recoveryBucketTypeHash": 215593132,
    "tierTypeHash": 4008398120,
    "isInstanceItem": false,
    "nonTransferrableOriginal": false,
    "tierTypeName": "Legendary",
    "tierType": 5,
    "expirationTooltip": "",
    "expiredInActivityMessage": "",
    "expiredInOrbitMessage": "",
    "suppressExpirationWhenObjectivesComplete": true
  "plug": {
    "insertionRules": [],
    "plugCategoryIdentifier": "v300.plugs.masterworks.generic.weapons.kills",
    "plugCategoryHash": 2109207426,
    "onActionRecreateSelf": false,
    "actionRewardSiteHash": 0,
    "actionRewardItemOverrideHash": 0,
    "insertionMaterialRequirementHash": 2884799297,
    "previewItemOverrideHash": 0,
    "enabledMaterialRequirementHash": 0,
    "enabledRules": [],
    "uiPlugLabel": "masterwork_interactable",
    "plugStyle": 1,
    "plugAvailability": 2,
    "alternateUiPlugLabel": "",
    "alternatePlugStyle": 0,
    "isDummyPlug": false
  "acquireRewardSiteHash": 0,
  "acquireUnlockHash": 0,
  "investmentStats": [],
  "perks": [],
  "allowActions": true,
  "doesPostmasterPullHaveSideEffects": false,
  "nonTransferrable": false,
  "itemCategoryHashes": [
  "specialItemType": 0,
  "itemType": 19,
  "itemSubType": 0,
  "classType": 3,
  "breakerType": 0,
  "equippable": false,
  "defaultDamageType": 0,
  "isWrapper": false,
  "hash": 1961001474,
  "index": 1569,
  "redacted": false,
  "blacklisted": false