Legendary / Hunter / Legs / Leg Armor

During Solstice 2021:
- Complete public events on Europa or Battlegrounds from Season of the Chosen.
- Collect Arc or Stasis Elemental Orbs in strike, Crucible, or Gambit playlists.
- Defeat combatants with melee attacks while using an Arc subclass.

Source: Solstice

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Illuminus Strides (Majestic)

"They may reject you," Misraaks warned. "The Techeuns are not welcoming to outsiders."

"I understand," the Scribe replied. "But even if they refuse me instruction, I might still get access to their data archives. That alone would be a lifetime's worth of knowledge."

"You do not have a lifetime to study," Misraaks warned. "We must rejoin the Eliksni soon. They will need guidance. We must reach them while there are still some left to help."

"I will learn as much as I can, as quickly as I can." The Scribe turned her palms downward in a show of fealty.

Misraaks paused, wishing to prolong the moment.

"I recall a time," he reminisced, "when you were just a hatchling. The Techeuns visited you in the night. You woke up screaming."

"I recall it well," the Scribe replied. "To tell the truth, they still frighten me. But we must look beyond our fear to find the Light."

In that moment, Misraaks saw her anew. The Scribe shone with a brightness he had never seen before. A mixture of joyful optimism and grim determination. She has finally found her path to the Light, he thought.

"I am proud to have such a brave Scribe as daughter," he said, in a break of formality.

"Thank you," Eido replied, surprised by his tone. "I'm lucky to have such a wise Kell for my father."

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