Legendary / Hunter / Arms / Gauntlets

II - You are held.

Source: Season of the Haunted

Source: Season of the Haunted

Special Perks

Visage of the Reaper

Visage of the Reaper

Grants 5% additional Vestiges of Dread from all sources. Each piece of armor you are wearing with this perk on it increases this bonus, to a maximum of 4 items (20%).

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Eidolon Pursuant Handguards

II - You are held.

Eris Morn chalks the floor in the H.E.L.M. wing previously inhabited by the Servitor of the Eliksni Splicers. A liberated Tomb Ship drones beside her. Through the open, shielded, hangar, the Leviathan is visible as a malformed knot, its shape bulging from the shadowed outline of the Moon.

Ikora descends the stairs. An ornately dressed Warlock thanatonaut follows, their robes trimmed in bone and elaborately stitched symbols.

"Did you commandeer this from Mars?" Ikora asks with a smile, looking over the Hive vessel.

Eris stands. "It provided ample shielding for transporting the Crown from its vault."

"It's here, now?" the thanatonaut asks, breaking his stride at the bottom of the stairs.

"Worry not. The H.E.L.M. will disembark from the City to ensure the Crown is contained," Eris answers.

"Keep that Tomb Ship docked here in case we need to jettison the Crown. Last thing I need is a rookie shooting you down in it." Ikora steps past the thanatonaut with a reassuring nod. "Tell us what you're thinking next, Eris."

Eris gestures toward the open bay door. "The Leviathan is at our doorstep. Even if we unravel Calus's plan, the ship itself still poses a threat simply by its size. Calus does not require paracausal power to cause an extinction-level event."

"Calus's interest appears to be focused solely on the Pyramid," Ikora interjects. "Should that change, Zavala assures me that Caiatl's fleet will provide ample dissuasive firepower."

Eris nods in rhythm with Ikora's well-reasoned words. "I trust that to be true—however, whatever connection Calus has established is drawing Nightmares and phantoms alike to the Leviathan. He is able to exert influence over them. But I believe we can disrupt this connection."

She points to the thanatonaut. "You," she says and motions toward three chalked spots on the floor. "Here, here, and here. We will require death anchors to tether the ritual. Hold your mind on the brink for as long as you can, and I will craft the sigils required to contain the Crown. Then, we will need volunteers…"

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