Basic / Titan / Titan Subclass

Forge the fury of undying suns.



When the longing to steep in that blessed heat was at its most intoxicating, the reins were pulled taught, and the hammer fell. Fell upon the wretched, fell upon those who would do evil to Sol, fell upon the land baptizing it in fire.

When the smoke cleared, the reins were no more. The fire began to die until there was barely a hammer left among us. The righteous order, those who would shatter stars, dissolved amid the crackling of embers.

When the winds changed, the embers caught and ignited a new flame. That flame swells for those who seek out the destruction lurking in shadows, that they may cleanse it in the sun.

When that flame reaches its zenith, none shall escape its warmth. Arise, all you who carry the hammer! There are yet more suns to break.

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