Basic / Warlock / Warlock Subclass

Those who have stared into the Void are not bound by the laws of space and time.






"The space between defines the shape. The rest before the note, the breath before the word, the blank space on the page."

A chill hit the air, and I looked up from my studies. There was a stillness, an uneasy calm before the storm. An ambush awaited me; of that, I was certain. No time to wonder how my defenses had failed. No time to ponder how they had found my hidden library in the first place. I had only just lifted my eyes from those insightful words on the Void. Now, I'd have to take my first steps upon it and hope I didn't fall right through.

"Seize her," the lead marauder thundered. Through every window crashed enemies intent on my destruction. Time stretched out before me. With a thought, I was at the center of the fray. A gaping, celestial maw drained the life from them. I found my footing: the power of the Void was manifest, yet this was not its full nature.

The next instant, reality snapped back into its traditional rhythm. I was alone once more. The intruders didn't even have time to comprehend their fate. I was barely more enlightened than they were, yet I had gleaned one fundamental truth.

A step upon the Void is a step upon that nothing which can bear the weight.

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