Basic / Titan Subclass

At close quarters, a fist is better than any gun.



At close quarters a fist is better than any gun.

You'd think the problem with showing up empty-handed to a gunfight would be the bullets. And yes, turning a gunfight into a fistfight is an awful lot of work, tactically speaking, but really I just don't have the patience for all the hiding, and all the fumbling for batteries or flechettes or whatever when it's time to reload, which seems to happen the moment I start to enjoy myself.

Hiding and reloading. Hiding and reloading. Sounds amazing; you all have fun. My fists don't need reloading.

Back to the problem. The problem with fists is hygiene. Paint your armor fist to shoulder in alien ichor, toxic robotic lubricant, and ashes. Now take a good look at yourself. That's the only reason I envy the hiders and the reloaders. They get to stay clean.

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