Legendary / Quest Step

Access the Conduit on the side of the Relic.

"It is this agent's opinion that Artifact X should be treated with extreme caution and possibly sealed off until the technology is better understood." —Hidden Report #5983

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Let's Go

Part of Quest "The Relic"

1. The Relic

Investigate the Relic in the Enclave on Mars.

2. The Relic

Access the Relic in the Enclave and shape a weapon from the artifact you found on Savathûn's ship.

3. The Relic

Choose components to customize the Enigma Glaive. More components will become available as the weapon level increases. After you have chosen all of the components, press and hold the Shape button to create the Glaive.

4. The Relic

Access the Conduit on the side of the Relic.
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